Are there more jobs available for people without college degrees than for people with degrees?

  • More jobs for no college

    I do thing that there are more jobs available to people without college education than there are to people with college degrees. There are so many restuarunts and stores. There are way more of these types of businesses than there are of places such as schools and hospitals that require a college degree.

  • According to this source there is:

    Am I supposed to find an alternative conclusion? I don't know if there are any dueling arguments or presentations that state otherwise but there are no hard numbers here and only percentages so I'm going to say that the article is misleading if not almost dishonest just for the lack of tangibility.

  • More Jobs For Those Without Degrees

    Many people went to college to get a degree because they were told they wouldn't be able to otherwise get a job. That was a false myth perpetuated by the education industry. Street smarts and the ability to solve problems mean a lot more than the ability to frame a college degree.

  • Yes, I think this econmony leans towards low level labor.

    Yes, I think this economy leans towards low level labor. I don't think there are many jobs out there that can utilize a good college degree. I feel that the future is in technical college and simple labor. I'm not shore what place high level education has in the future of the economy at all.

  • I am more neutral

    I really think it depends on the college degree you have. The degree I have hasn't done anything for me in opening up more job fields, but it hasn't limited me to ones I can obtain without the degree either. I don't think that some degrees are worth the time and money spent on them. Like mine.

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