Are there more real love occur in friendship btw. Adults and children ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • I mean, at birth with luck you have two friendships with adults. And those are a lot stronger than with your peers.

    Parents, teachers, or grown up's in general have always been more pleasant to converse with than my own peers. I have been friends with many of my teachers, and of course I love my parents to bits. I'm afraid that the sentence structure to this poll is rather difficult to interpret. I don't really like children having any love life, with their peers or with adults. Maybe it's just that I haven't been hit by Cupid's arrow yet (13 years old, 14 in August) But I really don't get that sort of thing. But if the child is fine with it, and the adult doesn't abuse the child, I can't raise a valid argument against it, why not?

  • Yes,there are more real love

    I believe the relationship between adults and children are better than between two consenting adults or children-children.Bullying are more likely occur in relationship between children-children.Yes,because once a child stays with an adult,they could share their though,problems,and personal experience.An adult could be a good care taker and best friend of a child.

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