• International Modern Slavery

    Human and drug trafficking have opened up the doors for more and more people to be brought into slavery, both for sexual and cheap labor reasons. One of the main characteristics of slavery today is that people are being sold due to poverty under seemingly legitimate circumstances and situations. Also, it is often very discreet that people don't even realize it's happening in underworld negotiations all over the world.

  • Economic and social forces have made people vulnerable to abuse around the world

    There are an estimated 21 to 36 million slaves in the world today. It is hard to believe. Slavery takes on different forms, and sometimes it is hidden or unrecognizable. There is forced labor in industries with terrible working conditions; sex slavery in forms of prostitution; and child slavery in the form of "sweat shops", in which children work all day in deplorable conditions for very low pay. People become slaves through population shifts as they move from rural to urban areas, and get discriminated or taken advantage of by corrupt business people.

  • No there are fewer slaves than in the pre-Civil War days

    There were many enslaved people during the Civil War era. Although slavery is still a problem globally, it is no longer an accepted part of the economy or a social institution that people accept. Slavery should, however, be wiped out wherever it occurs, and slave owners should be ostracized by other people.

  • Slaves? I know of none!

    Slaves, as we knew in the early American history has diminished, and if by slave you mean slave to the community or your job or your phones, then maybe that is the slave of today. There are no more slaves today than any time in history because the light of this sadness of slavery has been brought to the forefront and refused to be accepted by most Americans.

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