• Yes, there are negative aspects to the Dodd/Frank Bill

    Yes there are negative aspects to the bill. Under the Dodd/Frank bill, heavy regulations are applied to the swaps market. While this is in the best interest of the clients and the health of the market, putting regulations and restrictions on the market is bad for business. Regulations make it more difficult to operate within the market and can potentially limit profitable actions.

  • Too much regulation.

    Yes, there are negative aspects to the Dodd/Frank Bill, because if the banks and credit card companies have so much regulation that they cannot do their job, all they are going to do is raise the rates for us. The only reason that we were in that mess is that the banks had to lend to people who were not credit worthy.

  • Increased red tape is a negative aspect of the Dodd/Frank Bill

    The Dodd/Frank bill is a massive set of regulations meant to revamp wall street. These regulations will require so much bureaucracy and red tape to put in place that it is not hard to imagine that it will never be completed and will make a greater mess of an already disastrous situation.

  • No There Aren't

    The Dodd/Frank bill was signed to implement more regulations in the financial industry following the housing crisis and the recession. I do not believe there are negative aspects to the bill, but more could have been done to prevent problems in the future. I think there should have been more regulations and I think the bill should have done more to prevent future bail outs.

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