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  • No evidence of harm in natural term breastfeeding

    The health benefits of breastfeeding into early childhood, from immune, gut, brain, neurological, psychological, emotional, to IQ and every other body system are numerous and undeniable. There is an abundance of evidence to support the benefits while there is slim to no evidence of any harm coming from this biologically natural and normal practice.

  • No negative health benefits

    I'm so tired of the lame, simple minded, uneducated responses about the lack of benefits of breastfeeding for children. Personal positive health benefits I've experienced are easy digestion for my child, nutritious milk that is available without the need to mix, refrigerate, warm or do anything to. Breast milk it perfectly designed and healthy for babies, toddlers and children.

  • There are not any negative HEALTH effects to breastfeeding

    Natural lactation will not negatively effect the health of a toddler. However, there are serious mental implications involved. A mother that continues to breastfeed is probably suffering some sort of depression and denial if she is still breastfeeding after the first year. This will also effect the child's mental health. Studies have proven that a child that is breastfed for too long into their age develop dependency issues. The milk is fine though.

  • No, there are no negative effects to extended breastfeeding.

    Extended breastfeeding, which usually applies to children over the age of one, has many benefits to the child and to the mother as well. The longer the child nurses the more nutritional benefits he or she receives and the longer the mother nurses her child the lower her overall risk of breast cancer and other cancers becomes. There are absolutely zero negative effects.

  • No, I am sure there are not

    I guess it depends on how old you are talking about here. I found that keeping kids on the bottle too long rots there teeth,but I don't think natural milk has anything to do with harm. I think it might have mental implications,if your feed them past a certain point.

  • There are not negative health benefits to breastfeeding older children and toddlers.

    There are not negative health benefits to breastfeeding older children and toddlers. Although it is not something that I would prefer to do, I believe it is a decision best left to the parents and the children. Some children stop nursing on their own; whereas, other children wean later. As long as everyone is happy with the situation, it is no one else's business. Milk is milk and it does not matter, health wise, how it is delivered.

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