Are there not enough lawyers (yes) or are there way too many (no)?

  • More Public Defenders are needed.

    Lawyers always get a bad rap, but they are an essential part of any true democracy. Right now public defenders are getting swamped with hundreds of cases. Without more lawyers people without money can't get proper representation. For people, who think that lawyers get guilty people out the truth is that most lawyers work for the government for low wages and high work hours. We need more of these people not less.

  • Too many but that is okay

    I think there are too many lawyers in America. Look in the phone book or watch television ads and there are lawyers everywhere. I don't think this is an issue to be concerned about though. The US is all about opportunity and competition. The best lawyers will rise to the top.

  • There are way too many lawyers.

    There are way too many lawyers. Seems the market is overcrowded with lawyers these days because it is a great way to make a living. If you are ever in court you will notice the number of lawyers in the hallway and parents are pressuring their kids to grow up to be lawyers.

  • No, there are too many lawyers.

    Of course it is good to be able to find a capable attorney when a person needs one for a legitimate claim. But there are so many of them now that they are drumming up their own business and creating a false need, as you can see from the constant ads on tv.

  • No, there are too many lawyers out there.

    The law field has shown that we have a large amount of lawyers out there to handle the caseload that exists. If you look into the phone book you will see the vast amount of pages that contain lawyer advertisements. I would say that we have more then enough lawyers to go around.

  • No, there isn't a surplus of lawyers.

    There aren't too many lawyers, because this is a profession where there are even gaps and a need for them in certain fields. That being said, there are definitely too many "ambulance chaser" type lawyers, the ones that look for a recalled item or medical issue and do class action lawsuits. In these types of situations, the victims lose out and the lawyers tend to make all the money.

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