Are there objective standards to rate the quality of art?

Asked by: EgoDuctor
  • Yes, there are some objective standards.

    Technique is a standard that always should be considered when looking at how effective a work of art is. If the objective of the work is paint as life-like an image as possible, then the artist that is able to accurately capture the shadows in that room and draw the most photo-realistically will create the better painting then the artist that sets out to do the same but does not execute as well. That does not mean however the most technical artist creates the best work. An artist uses technique to reach his vision or convey his emotion. Picasso for example, did not paint realistic paintings because that would not have achieved his artistic vision. He used a different technique to do that. So while we can objectively view technique, it is important to keep in mind that it still is only one part of how art can be judged.

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  • No, there isn't

    Life would really be so very much easier for everyone if there were some way to rate art on a completely objective scale. The truth of the matter is, art really is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will rate it based on a number of things that aren't subjective.

  • No art is a very personal thing.

    Art is supposed to create feelings. Feelings are subjective not objective. A hundred people can look at the same piece of art and have a hundred different opinions about it. Some may really like it and it makes them happy, but there may be some that are saddened by it. I like detail and subject matter in my artwork, but I know someone that spent a lot of money on a piece of work that to me looks like a painted canvas with a box painted on it. It is nice, but to me that is truly something most people can do. To them it is a high quality piece of work and they paid a lot of money for it. I think it looks uninspired and wouldn't buy it and wouldn't even hang it up if it was given to me. Quality of art is subjective and up the individual.

  • Art is relative to the individual.

    No matter what an artist does to create his work, ultimately what is most important is how the viewer feels looking at it or watching it. If there are any standards, they are still subjected to the viewer's taste, which is completely individual. Just because you can draw a photograph does not mean your painting is great.

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