Are there people considered to be 'cat whisperers?'

Asked by: SecretSoleil
  • Yes, I believe there are.

    A show a few years ago called the Pet Psychic, I believe it was; had a lady claiming to be a pet psychic. She was very believable in my opinion. I would also call her a 'cat whisperer,' when she would deal with people's felines. She credibly, seemed to know what the cat was thinking.

  • Yes, certain people can understand cat behavior better than others.

    Certain people can understand animal behavior better than others. One simple example is to ask people if animals have facial expressions. Some people can't even tell that, whereas others are able to tell just by looking at an animal's face if it's scared, happy, patient, excited, or the like. A well known cat whisperer is Jackson Galaxy, and it's easy to tell by the way cats respond to him that he knows about their behavior, likes, and dislikes. Simply educating oneself about animals and spending a lot of time with them is a way to learn more about their behavior, and better understand how to communicate with them.

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