Are there people so stupid that they don't know the facts?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes There Are

    I am not entirely sure what "facts" we are referring to, but I know I've spoken to people before that do not leave their own little world. There are people in this country and world who know little about anything but will profess to know everything. These people do not care if they are spewing lies and bs. It does not matter to them.

  • Wow, some people are dumb

    I was reading an article about "Seinfeld" regarding the "Pledge Drive" and they said that even though the finger was shown, "it was never shown explicitly." Um, yes it was. In this culture, you should know that if people see a middle finger flipped up, that that's what it means. They showed it like four times (George flipping it twice to show describe what he claimed was going on, and the waitress doing it twice). Damn people are stupid.

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