Are There Physical Differences in the Brain Structure of Heterosexual and Homosexual People?

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  • No one is born gay.

    I don’t think that there any physical differences in the brain
    structures of heterosexual and homosexual people. I’m pretty sure if doctors found conclusive evidence
    of this, it would be all over the news.
    I think that people decide to be gay later in life. I do think that people can be born with gay
    tendencies, though.

  • No, there are no physical differences in the brain structure of heterosexual and homosexual people.

    There is no reason at all to believe that just because someone is homosexual and another person is heterosexual that our brains are different. We are all human beings born on the planet earth and our brain is the same as everyone else. Now if we talk ask why some people are smarter than other then that is a different question, but as for it having a different structure it just sounds odd to believe that.

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