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  • Pros to cloning.

    Have you ever had a loved one die of cancer? Or seen a little boy who was injured in a car accident? If there was a way to prevent this or have a cure for life threatening diseases wouldn't you want to use it? Human cloning may be the answer to these problems.

  • There are pros to cloning.

    Cloning could potentially save a lot of human lives. Scientists could use cloning technology to reproduce organs for people who need transplants. Of course, there are ethical questions about cloning an entire human being. Nevertheless, cloning techniques could be used for a lot of medical treatments for diseases that have not been cured yet.

  • Yes There are Pros

    There are pros to every form of research and cloning is no different. With the ability to clone we may be able to have more organs for people who need them which could in turn keep people living much longer than they currently are. Until cloning is perfected all the benefits will not be known.

  • I do not believe that there are pros to cloning.

    I do not believe that there are pros to cloning, because I believe cloning is biologically wrong in every way. For example, selling cloned, or artificial meat could have potentially catastrophically unknown effects on the human population. Who is to say what those effects could be, or how devastating of an impact it will have. In my opinion it isn't worth the risk.

  • The Pros of Human Cloning do not make sense.

    There might be some positives, but the negatives related to the subject, mostly moral and ethical negatives coming for ethicists, psychologists, theologians, and the church, as well as many mandated laws against the cloning of humans, outweigh any benefits. Aristotle once said, in order for a human to be happy, the human must be ETHICAL.

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