• I am a witch/Wiccan.

    Witches, magick, demons, they are real. Many people believe witches aren’t real but they are. What I am writing is proof. I AM a witch. I have a strong belief in magick. Many people practice this path and there is a lot of unedited footage on YouTube you can see as proof.

  • I belive magic and kanays and all kinds of spell casting people are real

    I know and i have evidence in more than 5,000 videos on youtube that i ´ve wathed all shown the time and date i did reaserach and every date shown somthig happens like robbed stors and disappering children and mystious changes of the sky i think its not just a cowincidence

  • Humans are blind

    This is the most true sentence in the world, only examples I have that relate to this topic= you think magic is fake? Tell me why. You say "Why can't I do it?" Have you tried everything?, or "why don't we see people flying on brooms?" Then you have done no research on what the real reason that myth came about is, because all Wiccans will say= you can't physically fly, that is a stereotype by the christians who murdered innocents in the witch trials. Or "how do you know that you aren't being tricked?", First off, that insults the hundreds of web site creators, authors, and thousands of people who attend meetings for Wicca. Second, how do YOU know you aren't being tricked with believing in your god?

  • In a religious sense

    There are witches in terms of religious/spiritual movements that focus on magic such as Wicca and its followers (Wiccans). Are there witches in the sense of people who have mystical powers? That is the million-dollar question. We probably won't find out on a universal scale. If there are people who possess actual supernatural powers, most likely they will hide their abilities from the world.

  • Yes witches exist

    I believe that witches do exist in real life and that they have throughout the history of the world. Back in the 1600s a lot more people believed and lots were accused and killed because they were thought to be witches and they did not speak up, so they died.

  • I believe in witches and magic.

    Witches are real. Magic is real. I think it is possible to communicate with spirits, and possibly animals. They can make potions out of herbs, and use them to heal people. I believe that the five elements can be understood. When I say that, I mean witches can use the power of water, fire, earth, air, and wind for magic. (Don't judge, I hope to be a Wikkan, and this is what I believe.)

  • Yes, witches exist

    The most logical answer is that witches exist, because there are people that practice Wicca using crystals rituals, an amidst practices, etc. but are there witches that cast magic spells? I hope so, because that would help to make life magical. But I also hope that aliens have visited, and that prophets were really visited by a God.

  • Witches are Myths

    There is no such thing as a real witch. There is no such thing as magic. The Salem Witch Trials were nothing but a horrible panic that took the lives of innocent young women. The very idea that a human being can conjure other worldly magic upon others is insane.

  • Witches cannot be true. Science proved that. And there's no such evidence that witches are true.

    I am a protestant who reads This Rock regularly. Most of the time I agree with what I read, but I strongly disagree with Michelle Arnold ("Witchcraft 101," July-August 2008) because I think the only thing she really knows about witches is what she’s read or maybe heard. To know about witches, witchcraft, and Wicca, you should have experienced it or know people who do it. Reading an Idiot’s Guide from Barnes & Noble and a book from the 1950s by Margot Adler will tell you nothing. I have relatives who practice Wicca. Practicing Wicca does not make you a witch. A real witch will never tell you she is because it will expose her. Only a person who tries to be a witch (someone who practices without powers) will tell you that witches do not believe in Satan. Real witches know that he exists. They also believe in God, but refuse to worship him. A real witch is a woman who has demonic powers. This is not something you can read from a book or learn in a classroom while you got your degree.Witches and wizards do not exist at all, except in our imaginations. If people were able to perform real magic, I think we would have been able to solve many of the world's problems by now, problems like hunger and drought. Alternatively, if people were able to perform real magic, they could use that force for evil and become world dictators. Since neither has occurred, I think it is fair to say that witches and wizards are simply not real.

    There is no scientific basis upon which we can make a case for the reality of witches and wizards. Someone who claims to do something magical cannot afford to allow anyone to observe everything he or she does because then the trick is always revealed. Some people believe that things happen as a result of black or white magic, but there is no basis to show that a particular cause results in a particular magic effect.

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