• It's easy to prove that there is at least one fact.

    Consider the following premises, A: "There are no facts" and B: "There is at least one fact."
    If A is true then there are no facts. If B is true then there is at least one fact. But if A is true, then there is at least one fact, namely, A. Thus, even if we accept A, we must already accept B. Thus, A cannot be true. Thus, there is at least one fact.

  • Yes, there are

    Many things can be debated, even well-known facts, but there are still things that can not be refuted. I have a cat, that is a fact. I have a computer, that is also a fact. Just because some facts are questionable, such as dates of the beginnings and endings of wars, does not mean there are no facts at all.


    Well in fact, its easy to put weight on both sides of the debate.. But to truly be correct one must choose a side.
    We as humans has learned to notarize something as fact but this is all man made majority perception..So for basics every word you say can only be a man made product of language used to context, elaborate, examplify an expression of communication between the materials of earth. Living or non. Of course I appreciate the math, language, charts, maps, and all the wonderful contributions of man's evolution that make life seem more focused and structured. However these wonderful things are all created by /for man to perceive and comprehind it's claims as facts.. But They are not real!
    "I have a cat" what's have? What's a cat?
    The very language used in this sentence is all interpreted by man.. I said there are facts absolutely..
    The FACT is we have a one dimensional understanding of things. Sort of like a limit. For a turtle shouldnt know how to fix or make a car..Because the capacity of the turtles thoughts has a limit. We are no different. . But we do have the capacity to imagine things that are completely unimaginable in practical/ factual life.. So I believe if something such as a human has capacity to think of something it has to be obtainable. No matter how radical.. That's another DEBATE people! Facts.
    " if you don't eat or drink h20 you'll die!" Again.....We don't even have the capacity to think in that grand perception.. Just like our turtle friend.. Death? Eat? Water? All things and processes labeled so we can perceive the actions and understand for our capacity level of comprehension .. But we really don't know it.. Sure it works and advances us. They are simply not in our capacity yet to know what's real or not? Is real even real? Okay I'm done screwing around.. "I'm now going to drink a 16oz bottle of water and goto sleep for precisely 1hour and 3minutes" alarm clock set!
    #Fact lol

  • A hypothetical situation

    Okay, so picture this. If our senses, our equipment and every other sentient being we are aware of all say that what we observe to be true, if not only can we make tiny measurements on individual particles of gas to test that this is reality but we can also conceive of things that are not real, then it is only right that we should continue on in the assumption that this is real. For, were it not so, the illusion is so complete as to be real in as of itself. Reality is as close as we can get to an irrefutable fact, using this method...Therefore, there are such things as facts. However, the majority of facts are there to be disproven. Our basic laws of physics have to, by necessity, work everywhere, or they are no longer true facts. Science is about finding answers to questions...That by the way, is most certainly a fact.

  • There is such a thing as facts.

    Facts is a term created to show that there is basis in whatever information that it holds. It is kind of silly answer such a question, but yes facts are something that is real. If you are able to definitively prove something and show that this is the only truth then it becomes a fact.

  • I think therefore i am

    As Rene Descartes famously said, i can know that i am in FACT not just a doll of the universe or God but am real for i am a existing and thinking being. Therefore,i can know tha my own existence is a fact, thus proving that the is such things as facts.

  • Yes

    Yes, there are such things as facts. These are objective pieces of information about the world. Facts are things like how far the distance from Earth to the Sun is, or what temperature water boils at. Facts are about what really occurred or about how reality actually is. Not all facts are known, there are still many yet to be discovered, but they do really exist.

  • Yes, facts are real!

    Science has proven through the scientific method that facts exist. Court cases prove that someone is innocent or guilty by evidence provided by the attorneys, so the jury decides what are the facts in this case? Court documents are considered fact due to them being signed by the judge. Facts are usually not proven wrong when it is a solid evidence that supports a hypothesis.

  • It could go both ways. In MY OPINION, no.

    As the world is based purely on what you perceive, and you can never perceive what another perceives, you decide what is what in the world that you live in. A FACT is a widely agreed upon opinion. For instance, grass is green. This is considered... Correct? Well, in turn I ask you all this. Is it a fact to the man that suffers from color-blindness that the grass is green? Sure, he may say it is so because that is what people tell him, but he does not perceive the grass as we do. Ultimately, it is a "different" fact to him. My argument is this: There exceptions to ANY fact that the general population deem as so. In closing, as I stated earlier, the world is based purely on YOUR perception of it, so that being said, not only am I right, but so is the opposing side.

  • It could easily go both ways, but in the long run, I'd say no.

    As the world is based purely on what we perceive, and you can never truly perceive what another does, YOU are the only one that decides what is what. Grass is green. This is a common conception around the world. It would be considered a fact. Correct? Okay, I now ask you this. Is it a fact to a man that suffers from color-blindness that the grass is green? Well, he may believe that the grass is green. That's what everyone else tells him, but does he truly perceive the grass as green? It is not a "fact" to him in the same manner as it is to YOU. My argument is this: There are exceptions to relatively ANY "fact". What one perceives as fact, another may not.

  • There are no facts, may be. May be everything around is illusion.

    There are subjective truths and there are objective truths. Subjective truth is something which is true from one individual's perspective. But objective truth is something which is not true from someone's perspective but from everyone's perspective. Yet, I'll say that truth depends on our sensory perception and mind and it is our sensory perception and mind say what is truth or what is not truth. For example, the moon exists in the sky. Everyone in the world admits that moon exists in the sky. It is our sensory perception saying that the round thing is the moon. Our parents taught us from the childhood that the round thing in the sky at night is moon but still we can raise question by saying that moon doesn't exist, may be it's an illusion. May be some forces make our sensory perception to convince us that it's a round moon. May be the moon doesn't exist in the sky at all.

  • Burden of proof lies with the claim "At least one fact exists".

    While some of these posts hold interesting perspectives, They fail to account for burden of proof. The burden of proof is with the claim B "There is at least one fact". It is illogical to make claim A
    "there are no facts", As you can not prove a negative.

    Furthermore, Until they have been demonstrated to you the default position would be "I do not believe there are 'facts'"; e. G. Facts are innocent of existing until proven guilty. You can continue the court of law metaphor by saying that facts can be demonstrated true "beyond reasonable doubt". This accounts for the circular argument in proving, To a fact, That facts are true. This is why we accept certain "facts" that resist disproof e. G. I am sitting on a chair. This can be demonstrated and cannot be disproved without invoking hypothetical theory such as solipsism (see some comments above).

    Facts do not exist, Just accepted truths that have not been disproved.

    NB. There is a lot of bad science on this page, Appealing to consensus and appealing to a higher power (i. E. God). The temperature at which water boils is dependent on pressure. Everyone believing something does not make it true (pre-Eratosthenes/Columbus flat earth). God is also innocent of existing until proven guilty, As is the tooth fairy and universe-farting pixies

  • Human perception can never fully understand any given situation.

    Because our perception is always limited, There is never any way to have full access to truth in any given situation. All we can attempt to do is gain as full an understanding of the truth as possible and always operate with the humble awareness that the understanding we possess is both biased and limited.

  • Facts are all subjective

    All facts are based on the agreement by a group of people over a similar SUBJECTIVE Experience. Since this experience was subjective, It cannot be an absolute fact. Absolute facts do not exist, Since only an absolute being (i. E God) can make an absolute fact. It is true that some facts are more true (i. E more objective) than others, But they are still not absolute.

  • Your perception is limited

    In practicality, Of course we need to treat researched consensus as fact, But literally no facts about the physical world are 100% concrete. You have five fingers? How do you know that your senses are not deceiving you? We live on earth? How do you know, With absolute certainty, That earth is real? Ad finitum

  • The universe is constantly changing, our perception changes and thus possibilities are infinite as it forever expands.

    Fact is just a collective agreement that a parameter or statement is absolute. But it can't ever be because we can only perceive it through our senses, our conciousness, our emotions, the environment we're in and what we have experienced. We all think differently and have different philosophies. The universe is sporadic, chaotic and unpredictable. We can never predict the exact position of electrons, star births and deaths, black holes etc. The Heisenberg principle. And Einstein's relativity. Everything is relative to what goes on in the human brain and it's surroundings.

  • Ex: The bible

    Ex 1:
    God allowed Moses to create a split in the oceans
    God allowed water into wine

    Supporting Ex 1:
    Science can't explain upon what has happened there. We know chemistry, biology and physics (volume, mass and length), but can you explain those miracles? Science facts has become opinion within God's eyes and power...

  • Facts are just nuanced opinions in the form of language to describe a position.

    'Facts' are just articulate, or not, opinions, more or less based in the real world. I believe this to be the closest to true (the closest language we have to distinguish between those and untruthful claims).

    Many facts have been shown to be false and even 'evidently truthful' facts have been proven to be less than 100% true.

    Therefore, there are no facts, just statements that are more true than others. Language is insufficient because of the very reason it is so adaptable and nuanced as to define complex ideas. Shakespeare loses some of its allure written in advanced mathematics. Although this may change due to the evolving nature of facts.

    Numbers, using mathematical principles, are factually the truest form of the word. The language of the universe so to speak. Otherwise word languages would be insufficient to describe science, whereas numbers are needed as a means of communication as a for their precision,and universality.

    The election of President Trump is no accident and to a lesser extent, Brexit. The national feeling in the population has a greater 'truth' than any fact. People want a say in there lives even if it means lower standards. People have values. Facts don't.

    The elites, especially in Europe (EU) are dangerously out of touch and arrogant. All white people are tarnished with the atrocities of fascists, yet it manifested in the places that are being ignored now.

    The post fact world may not be so bad after all, unless it pervades into science. Journalists could use some shaking up in America after Obama. The people were ready for a black President. Unfortunately, due to the fear of being overly critical of the first black President, the holier than thou, enlightened, progressive journalists, failed to hold him to previous Presidential scrutiny, under fear of the charge of racism, the charge levelled at Trump voters.

    SNL, an American comedic institution, last episode before He left, was more like a North Korean ode to a deity, than an outgoing Pesident. Trump is treated like 'Literally Hitler'. I advise seeing it on YouTube.

    No wonder the country is divided and the elites take no responsibility when they are the ones who mainly created it. They need him to fail having invested their lives in the cause. Anti white feeling is rife in the USA. They have more guns than people, plus many are Hispanic and even Black. And they are angry.

    Post fact elites indeed. Hilary was there champion! Yes, Clinton!

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