Are there reasons (besides drinking beer) that we celebrate National Beer Day?

  • Yes, there are historical reasons why we celebrate National Beer Day.

    National Beer Day is coined a fun day because it is a great excuse to celebrate drinking beer-make that your favorite beer. But the interesting part that most people are not aware of is that in the 1930s, President FD Roosevelt signed an act that ended the long prohibition in the United States. April 7th is the day that beer was allowed to be legally made and sold once again in the U.S.

  • Reasons other than drinking beer to celebrate National Beer Day

    Some people see National Beer Day as a holiday and it makes for a short work week. This is the only other reason I was able to find. When most people think of National Beer Day, they think drink lots of beer and many different varieties of beer, but you can't drink beer while working. Why not take a day off and celebrate.

  • Drinking Beer On National Beer Day!

    I feel that the only reason why, one would celebrate National Beer Day, is just to drink beer. I feel this is just a day that others can celebrate and drink as much as they want. I do not feel their is any other reason to celebrate on this day other than wanting to drink.

  • I think it's a stupid day!

    I don't think we need to have a day to promote becoming an alcoholic and drinking as much as you can. Beer is promoted for enough in ads and commercials. Americans already do not have their priorities straight. This is a "stupid" reason to have a day for. I hope people forget about it.

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