• Ignorance, Stubbornness, and Lethal

    The American people live in one of the most complex bubbles in the world. They are able to ignore many pressing issues to the point of madness. On top of that they use their uninformed nature to attack anyone who has a reasonable thought on this matter, and it is simply because they will be aggresive on anyone who threatens their consumption.

  • Oil, Oil, Oil

    Yes, there is a reason the United States is losing the Green Race. I know this may be hard to believe but if you'll take the time to look at Texas, you'll see the culprit that explains this phenomenon. We have some very wealthy oil barons in our country. They even want to build a pipeline down to their state so they can refine even more. They still can't comprehend the fact that we'll one day run out of oil. That, right there, is the sole reason we aren't developing more green energy sources here.

  • Yes, mostly lobbyists

    Lobbyists for industries which tend to pollute have a great deal of power and influence in Washington. They have actively tried to destroy political will to pass environmental regulations in an effort to support their industries - which largely benefit from weak regulation. Also, many people see investing in green technologies as an expense rather than an investment. For these reasons, we have been lagging behind other countries in the Green race.

  • we are not

    I do not think that we are losing the green race at all, I think that we are the main country that is trying to do a whole lot to fix up the environment, and that we will be the country that sees the best results over all the others.

  • No, there are no reasons.

    There really aren't any reasons for this. Reason being? Because the United States is not losing the Green Race. In fact, Europe and the United States lead the world in the green race while countries like Canada and Australia lag very far behind. This is a real misconception about the US.

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