Are there scientific signs that can tell you if an earthquake is coming soon?

Asked by: Precariot19
  • Yes There Is!

    It has been reported several times that animals act strange when an earthquake is about to occur. H h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h

  • Some quakes gave some signs before they came.

    The example of a big China quake. People heard something strange - sounds like somebody is cutting down a tree, but there is nobody chops any tree. Another one : if you are travelling on a boat, you will hear a sound which heard like a broken piece of fabric.

  • Yes, there are.

    There are many sign of an impending earthquake, the difficulty is in quantifying them properly and collecting the data efficiently and in a timeframe that would make a difference. It would also require the implantation and maintenance of thousands (or more) pieces of scientific equipment. Very pricey. As it stands, plate tectonics and all that it entails is a very difficult to monitor field of study and one that is not quite ready to produce a proper early warning system.

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  • There are no scientific signs that can tell you if an earthquake is coming soon.

    Although scientists are looking for ways to predict earthquakes, there has been no success so far. Perhaps in the future they will develop reliable ways to predict these disasters, yet today the technology is not advanced far enough to make these predictions. Scientists should contine in their search in order to prevent future disasters.

  • I don't think so

    I do believe that one day there will be scientific signs to tell whether or not an earthquake is coming; however, I do not believe that that time has come yet. Earthquakes tend to be quite unpredictable in most cases and as of right now, It's impossible to say whether or not one will erupt.

  • No, not at this point

    I am not a geologist by any means, but I have some experience with earth science and from my knowledge there isn't an accurate way of predicting earthquakes. Sure, you can say there will be a big earthquake within the next 30 years, but that really isn't very helpful for people to prepare for it at all.

  • There are no fool proof signs an earthquake is coming.

    While scientist are working hard to find a way to predict an earthquake, there still no certain signs to predict them. There are, however, small signs to look at. For instance, animals begin to act strangely. People believe they feel a change in the ground or smell gasses. Another way is small tremors that begin. They can lead to a larger earthquake. The seismographs are good during an earthquake. All these are way to possibly guess one is coming, but they are not scientific.

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