• We need irrigation.

    Yes, there are severe consequences to aquifer depletion, because we need strong irrigation systems in order to farm. Without aquifer reserves, if there is a drought or other problem with the water supply, there could be severe consequences for production of food. This could cause great damage and famine for a lot of people.

  • Severe Consequences to Aquifer Depletion

    Well, yes there are severe consequences to aquifer depletion. Groundwater is the largest supplier of fresh water in most of the world. That is something we can't live without. Depletion of groundwater means pumping for it deeper, increasing the cost of food production, therefore, food, reducing water levels in lakes and rivers, reducing quality of water. Wells run dry. Yes, the consequences of aquifer depletion are severe.

  • Yes, there are sever consequences to aquifer depletion.

    I think that there are definitely sever consequences to countries that are in danger of aquifer depletion. If a country is depleted of its ability to get and sustain a source of water, then it would be a disaster. Water is responsible for keeping the population alive and resources as well.

  • Water is amazing

    Aquifers that contain water used for day to day living need to remain in full functionality to maintain the current standard of living. People do not realize how big of an issue clean water is. More responsibility needs to be taken to ensure that sustainable, clean water supplies are going to remain available.

  • yes there are

    yes, when this event happens from whatever reason, there are a lot of things that can go wrong following it all depleting. It is very important that this ground water stays there, and when it gets taken out it is going to mess up a whole lot of things there.

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