• There are less effects than profit

    We are today using internet for our need . Today internet is very helpful, we generally use for send e-mail, search something from google , using facebook , instagram , whatsapp to became connective with our friends . Not only this , there some apps and software which help to do international business and many more . So my opinion is that internet or digital life has less effects than profit

  • Yes of course there are a lot of side affects

    In my opinion, a nice realxing weekend with your family and friends will be better. What's the point of having a two hour fun . Not even memorable. Why not spend a time out near the heavy wind strokes and the dazzling sun. This digital Life spoils your near future and distracts you and brings you to the other road and distracts you with your academics.

  • Yes! Definitely there are side effects of Digital Life.

    Digital Life has attracted our life to the failure of us... Because of it, in school everyone in the school chat and gossip in school about a newly populared game "COC" which disturbs their studies as well as us. Because of it, we all are always eager to check our notifications at Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social networks.

  • Yes, when we think it's real life.

    It is nice to be able to connect with people who do not live or work close to us, but it is counterproductive when that means of connecting removes us from the folks who are right next door or who live with us. The side effects of a digital life are often that we neglect to have an actual life.

  • Yes there is

    Yes, there is a huge side effect to spending a bunch of time on a digital program such as sitting behind a computer or playing a video game. You lose out on the real world. And getting to go and do things that actually help you in life to enjoy.

  • There can be side effects.

    In some cases there can be side effects to leading a digital life. Some people can be less social and depend more on digital aspects of life than others. This isn't true for all people, but for some it can be the case. They may not go out and do more things online or using digital means.

  • There are very big effects.

    People need to understand that our brains are plastic and when you repeat things often enough and live a specific way long enough, your brain rewires itself. This is what has happened with the digital lives we lead now. There is less of an attention span, and we don't memorize nearly as much.

  • No There Aren't

    I do not believe there side effects to having a digital life. Life on the Internet, now that it's not anonymous, is much like life in the real world. It has many of the same drawbacks and consequences that you see in normal everyday life, so I believe there is a big gap closing in on the Internet and its relate-ability to the real world.

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