Are there situations where homosexuality and gay marriage are acceptable?

  • Yes, homosexuality and gay marriage are always acceptable because there is nothing wrong with either one.

    People do not CHOOSE a sexual preference that would cause them to be discriminated against therefore being gay is not a choice, it's the way people were born. Gay behavior has been observed in all forms of life so it's part of nature. Being homosexual and being allowed to marry should be legal. People are judgmental and prevent them from having the rights of heterosexual people but we have a 50% or more divorce rate. They should be allowed to be married too---perhaps we have something to learn from them!

    Posted by: CestbardeI
  • Yes, in some situations.

    What most people don't realize is that you can get married without the church. You can be legally married through the state and never require a pastor. That form of marriage is acceptable. But, getting married through the church is not only wrong, it's hypocrisy. How can a pastor preach leviticus 20:13 or romans 1:26-27, and then turn around and through action say he is fine with it, no. And the idea of forcing a pastor to marry a couple is wrong on every level.

  • Homosexuality is wrong, and marriage is completely wrong.

    I feel that homosexuality is wrong. I also know that that is just my opinion. Homosexual behavior should be legal, even though I don't like it. It is still wrong, but that does not make it illegal. Gay marriage is an insane idea, it's wrong and should be illegal. Marriage is an institution, between a man and a woman.

    Posted by: BriaBlacken
  • Love yourself and others

    Love is a simple and beautiful thing, and yet some people make it so complicated! If you love someone, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, that should be okay. No, you shouldn't force it down other people's throats. No, you shouldn't force others to accept you or wed you. You shouldn't go into a church and announce that you're gay. You should respect other people and their opinions, and they should respect yours. It's as simple as that.

  • Love yourself and others

    Love is a simple and beautiful thing, and yet some people make it so complicated! If you love someone, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, that should be okay. No, you shouldn't force it down other people's throats. No, you shouldn't force others to accept you or wed you. You shouldn't go into a church and announce that you're gay. You should respect other people and their opinions, and they should respect yours. It's as simple as that.

  • Safe, Sane, Consensual

    Both are acceptable in any and every situation. The three words that are most important in deciding that a sexual act is acceptable are safe, sane, and consensual. In regards to marriage, there is no justifiable reason to outlaw marriage between two people of the same sex. It doesn't hurt anyone and doesn't give anyone an elevated status. It is equality.

  • It is ok

    It is ok because people deserve to be with who they want. If they love the same gender I think that is perfectly fine. Homosexuality and gay marriage should be acceptable to all people who love and value human beings. Those who want to restrict human expressions of homosexual love and sexuality have not met the burden of justifying those restrictions.

  • Homosexuality is perfectly acceptable.

    Gays and lesbians should be allowed to express themselves freely. If two men or two women marry, it does not affect you, so why does it matter? Gay marriage goes against what the Bible says, yes, but the United States is a place where religion does not determine laws. If we prevent gays from marrying just because Christians disagree then we are going against the First Amendment., specifically the Establishment Clause. I know a few gay people, and they are all perfectly normal and deserve o live the life they want to live. This is like saying that you think long hair is gross, so nobody should be allowed to have long hair. It is completely ridiculous.

  • Why does it bother you?

    Why wouldn't it be acceptable? If I want to marry girl, am I hurting someone? I don't think so. I would just be happy to marry the person I love. I wouldn't force someone else to marry a person of the same gender.

    But some people apparently get unhappy when they see happy people.

    It's like saying that your neighbour isn't allowed to wear blue clothes, because you don't like the colour blue. Why should you mind someone else's business?

  • It is always acceptable

    If God didn't want same sex marriage then why would he make someone have such feelings, why would he create them to have such feelings? The people of the Church (I am a Christian) are going against Gods will for these two people to be with each other, learning is essential in life, most Christians learn to forgive people of their sins, same sex union/marriage is considered a sin and we have to learn to accept and forgive the sin of same sex union/marriage which is what us Christians have been taught by the Church and Bible. If you don't forgive then don't expect to be forgiven yourself.

  • Adam Married Eve...Not Steve

    It goes against God and science to mate two of the same gender. It just makes sense! Why do you think two males or females can't reproduce correctly to have a child? If God wanted this to happen and make sense then he would have made a way for it to happen.

  • I have homosexual feelings and I know its wrong.

    Did we happen by accident? No, I refuse to think that my life is but a meaningless formation of atoms that happened by chance. And if by some chance we did, that would mean that good and bad are simply figments of our mind, meaning what your saying is murder, incest, beastiality, genocide, and suicide are okay. I know, even despite having felt only an attraction to males that God knows whats best because HE created me, HE decides good and bad, and HE has better plans for me. I would rather not know the feeling of sex at all than to know the feeling of Hell, because I've experienced just a taste of what Heaven is like.

  • Homosexuality is a perverted form of love and un-natural.

    Before getting right into an answer, fact is our society today is turning away from an eternal loving God and putting its trust and faith into the dying man/mankind. With God there is a purpose for life (to lead others to accept Christ and his death on the cross to save us all from our sins so that we would not perish in the pits of Hell but have everlasting life). (Side Note: It is not our good works that get us to heaven, we all sin. God is perfect and cannot be a part of sin...That is why we need to accept Christ and his death on the cross for our sins...For it is through him that we can be with God.) Man's purpose? What would our purpose for life be without God? Just to work, have a family, retire and then die? Our planet will eventually die. From what I see in the world as we know it today, it would be to fulfill our own agendas and selfish desires...Sometimes at the expense of others, lack responsibility for our actions having little or no guilty conscience because we want to live in a world where God does not exist. I know that sounds harsh but people seem to want to do what they want and will justify and manipulate things until they get what they want. So my answer is no. God made man and women. Nobody needs to justify about a man and a woman being together and if its natural or unnatural. One can state they were born gay but is it really natural? If it was truly natural, I don't believe there would be all this need for acceptance. When same sex couples enter into a sexual relationship it represents a perversion of God’s original Creation. The nature of homosexual acts themselves reflect the deep self-centered perversion of human sexuality.
    In regard to same-sex marriage, in traditional marriage, God intended marriage to be the public witness to the world of the relationship between Christ and His Church. Such a witness is both physically and spiritually impossible when homosexuals indulge in those things that “must not even be named, as is proper among the saints. There is no greater love that a man can have for a woman than that of loving her with the love of Christ. This love transcends all other loves and gives the Biblical marriage its true strength. So it is with the woman. While romantic love is certainly a part of marriage, it is not that kind of love that bonds the marriage in covenant. Only the love of Christ can do that. It is interesting to note that the Bible opens and closes with scenes of the marriage. The first marriage is between Adam and Eve. The last marriage is between Christ and His Bride. And these two marriage scenes tell the story of redemption. And so we have a Bible that wraps itself around the marriage.

  • Homosexuality is a detriment to human civilization

    The homosexual relationship, to say nothing of sexual practices, is a microcosm of a society where individuals reject the opposite sex to the extent that they can't bear to share the same household, to say nothing of sharing a bed and procreating. Even if that society had enough births through extraordinary means, it would be a society in a constant state of gender apartheid, far worse than the current gender conflict engendered by feminists. It sets a bad example to the young, that it is acceptable to reject the opposite sex entirely, as it also rejects the natural tendency of most men and women to seek out their opposite for affection and procreation.

    One doesn't need any form of religion to recognize that the homosexual model is flawed and should be discouraged, even as we should protect individual homosexuals from even the least forms of harassment, aside from a small fine for ostentatious public affection or sodomy, and those who make major contributions to society deserve no less adulation for it. Rather, the less attention paid to it, the better for everyone, most of all for homosexuals themselves.

  • What is right?

    God gave man a penis and girl a vagina so that humans would multiply and inherit the earth! It's that simple. Marriage is a sacrament between man and woman. When you need to insert semen into a woman so that two lesbians can have a baby, this isn't right. Two males raising an adopted kid isnt right. How can these kids grow up normal, this isnt how nature works. I don't want my kids to see two dudes making out and ask daddy what are they doing. I don't want my kids to be forced at school to believe that two males having sex is acceptable. I dont ever believe I can call two males or females going to a magistrate and being "married" an official marriage. I don't care that a liberal president opened this door (another discussion there), I do care what takes place in society, my traditional roots that are strong and effected by those in charge, and I strongly believe in traditional families and ultimately my purpose on this Earth so much that it kills me that after so many years a liberal president and courts are ruling in the favor of homosexual marriage. I definitely dont like being forced fed by media/liberal society to believe that gay marriage is perfectically acceptable, natural, or whatever other terminology these people use, when I feel so strongly against it. Don't tread on me!

  • I do not believe homosexuality or gay marriage is ever acceptable, because it goes against the laws of nature.

    You never find animals trying to be sexually active with animals of the opposite sex. So, it is clearly not natural for humans to engage in this type of behavior. Two people of the same sex cannot produce a child, which is evidence that two same-sex people do not belong together.

    Posted by: SocialHami
  • Homosexuality and gay marriage are not acceptable, because they are morally wrong and hurt society.

    Society is structured around families. Much research has shown that breaking a family, whether through divorce, abuse, or dysfunction, is extremely harmful to children. Homosexuality is a form of dysfunction. It is not the way that the family was designed to function, and as such, would be harmful to any family. I believe that all people were created with purpose. I believe that, in practice, homosexual people will not be able to fully realize who they really are. I would never wish anyone to be less than fully themselves. This is why I do not believe homosexual practices are ever acceptable.

    Posted by: DizzyCasey
  • My opinion is that gay marriage is immoral.

    Being a Christian male and knowing what I know about my religion, I find that any type of gay relationships are immoral. God made two of each species so that we could populate the earth equally. If all males and all females were to engage in gay relationships there would be no population of the world and our species would soon be extinct.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • I don't believe there is ever an excuse for homosexuality.

    Call me old fashioned, but there are people of the opposite sex for a reason. We were made to be attracted to members of the opposite sex, not the same sex. Studies show that a fair amount of homosexual males lived a troubled childhood. Therefore, I do not believe that homosexuality is genetic, but rather a product of our culture. I believe it is disgusting and morally wrong.

    Posted by: OIi0IymPic
  • NO

    NO, HOMOSEXUALITY and homosexual marriages are not wrong. Marriage is a union of two persons that love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, that being said if guy persons love ech other and want to spend their lives together why not let them. People should be a little open minded about this; they need to stop being ignorants.

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