• Build a wall.

    Yes, there are solutions to illegal immigration, because it is as simple as building a wall. If they would build the wall and shut down pipelines, they could do a more thorough job of inspecting on the border. They should also make it harder for businesses to employ illegal immigrants. That would help a lot.

  • Make immigration easier.

    There is no reason at all to make immigration as hard as it is in the United States. These people are generally hard working people who come here to better their lives. The fact that we make this hard on them is, quite frankly, terrible and makes us look bad.

  • Yes, there are solutions to illegal immigration.

    I believe that there are solutions to the problem of illegal immigration here in the United States of America. I think that there just needs to be more emphasized on punishing companies that hire illegal aliens. I also think that there should be more border security hired to protect America.

  • Yes, I think there are solutions to illegal immigration.

    I believe streamlining the process of immigration so that those legitimately looking to come to this country to start a life can do so easier would dramatically lower the amount of illegal, I believe in addition to that we need to dedicate more resources to the border to ensure it's as guarded as possible.

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