Are there some moral values that should apply to everyone?

  • Yes there are.

    Some moral values apply to everyone, or at least they should apply to everyone. Everyone should at least try and be a good enough person to not go out of their way to do bad things or hurt others. In that sense everyone should have that small amount of moral values.

  • The Ten Commandments should be obeyed by all.

    The Ten Commandments should be obeyed by everyone because they were ordained by God Himself. God wants us all to live in peace with each other. He does not want us to run around like maniacs killing,stealing, and robbing people. He alone deserves to be worshiped; no statue or nature deserves to be worshipped. Their is a verse in the BIBLE that says "The heavens declare the glory of God..."

  • Morals are a personal belief

    Each individual holds a moral code. Whether or not that moral code reflects that of society is irrelevant. As long as society holds general moral standards, than those will be enforced, but each of us having our own free will have the choice to risk the consequences for our own, personal moral standards, regardless of what they are.

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