Are there still problems with race relations in the USA?

  • But not tons

    When people say that relations between races is as bad today as they used to be, they clearly have lost sight of how things once were in the US - and how the same can be said for the rest of the world. Still, problems most certainly still exist in the US>

  • Yes, race is still an issue.

    While there has been some progress made in terms of discrimination on the base of race not being tolerated in certain situations, it is still there in subtle ways. Minority people know they are not welcome in certain echelons, and there is still underground racism among people in everyday life.

  • Trayvon Martin Case Exacerbates Race Relations

    Of course there are still relation problems in the United States. When more Hispanics come into the country from Mexico, then the difficulty becomes race relations between Hispanics and blacks. Whites will become a statistical minority in 20 years. More specifically, the unemployment rate for blacks is still way worse than whites today. Plus the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case proves that there is still tension between races in the United States.

  • Race will probably always been an issue

    Yes, I believe that there are still problems with race relations in the USA. This is part due to parents teaching, whether on purpose or inadvertently, that they should not like a certain race. As babies and as children we see no color and we don't care who we play with, but over time the thoughts of the parents and other involved in their lives taint the innocence. Until we learn control what ever drives us to look at each other differently, there will always issues in race relations.

  • There will always be race related problems

    There will always be a little prejudice here and there, and a little racism over here and over there, but the main problem is the indirect racist actions. No matter what we say, there will always be a person stubborn enough whom which you won't be able to change their mind. So, there will always be some, even though people have figured out how to make it less visible, yet we will always see it.

  • Yes and it's caused by race baiters like Al Sharpton

    700 anti white hate crimes a year. Many of them are caused by race baiters like Al not so Sharpton and jesse Jackson. Zemir begic a 32 year old bosnian from St Louis was hammered to death by a group of black teens who yelled "kill whitey" and went to a mike brown rally. David santucci a 27 year old nurse was shot as revenge for trayvon martin by 3 black males. Mathew Owens in Alabama was beaten with pipes as revenge for trayvon martin by a group of black adults When the media race baits they cause these types of crimes. None of those crimes would have happened if the media hadn't gone on and on about race. Black people have to deal with harassment from cops and security when they to into high her stores as well as 1000 hate crimes done against them a year. Muslims also are the targets of many hate crimes a year.

  • Yes, there are still issues

    We don't always know how to deal with the issue of race. However, one only has to look at twitter to see there is plenty of racism alive and well in the US. Look at elementary school funding and performance and match it with socioeconomic demographics. Look at the Voter ID issues and again there is a correlation with race. People in the US are politically divided and a great many dislike our president simply because of his race.

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