Are There Taxes, Penalties, or Fines for Most Individuals Who Do Not Have Health Insurance?

  • Penalty For No Health Insurance

    The Affordable Health Care Act does fine or penalize those who do not have health insurance. While the deadline looms, we will soon learn that those penalties and fines will be directly linked to our IRS tax returns, making them difficult to circumnavigate and almost impossible to avoid. This is the one part of the bill I believe causes problems because it is mostly punishing those citizens who can not afford to purchase health insurance.

  • Some people just can't afford Health insurance or some just don't need it

    It is important for everyone to have health insurance but i don't think it is necessary to some people. And for that reason we should not have any Penalties or special taxes. Lets say someone is young and is in a good health condition, they don't need health insurance so it wouldn't be fair to them to Penalties them.

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MasturDbtor says2016-01-04T05:12:55.590
Why is this an "opinion"? It either is or it is not.