Are there times when you lose faith in humanity?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • From time to time

    I do have misanthropic feelings once in a while. What disgusts me is that humans think they are the center of the universe and can be arrogant and opportunistic. Human arrogance and opportunism is shown in instances such as SeaWorld where killer whales are imprisoned in theme parks and exploited for human entertainment, and that's just one example.

  • I don't lose faith in humanity.

    No matter how stupid, immature, immoral, or outright disgusting a group of people can become, I still see them as "human beings," and I still know that they are capable of more. The problem is that there is simply too many of them.

    A society overpopulated with people who either A. Have no use, B. Have not discovered their use, or C. Hinder their fellow human beings, often is a society where people begin to "lose faith." Religion was the first to go out the window for most, but neglecting that, you have one thing to believe in: Humanity. If you aren't deluding yourself with one thing, you'll be deluding yourself with another.

    Years ago, people fought one another in massive waves of muskets, swords, cannons, etcetera. These people knew, and expected to, die. Despite that, their lives had an intrinsic value that nothing today can encompass; one man was worth so much because there were so few.

    The irony of the modern world is how backwards this thinking has become. A high population seems to care more about human life that ever before, making any form of war, and even death penalties for heinous criminals a near-impossible gesture, despite the history of the world.

    Society is little more than a delusion. People believe in it as a religion. It isn't the "Real" world, it's a daycare center.

    When you lose faith in that, you've already forgotten what it means to be "human" in the first place. Our ancestors knew what it meant, and few of us today know what it means. This complacency can not last, so have fun losing faith my fellow men and women. I'll keep to the old ways.

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