• The Golden Years of Hollywood have gone.

    What passes for G-rated now are usually idiotic Pixar or Leggo movies with little if any story. In the Golden Years of Hollywood films were made for entertainment, for all to enjoy, and the more entertaining the greater the profits. Sadly that's now gone. Those in charge have no concept of real entertainment.

  • Yes There Are

    I believe there are too few G-rated films today. As a parent I would love to see more options, especially at the theaters. I understand the desire to create products for adults and I know making films that receive G-ratings can be quite restrictive, but its certainly not impossible and more studios should be tackling this task.

  • No, I belive there are enough G rated family-friendly movies.

    There are as many movies for kids now as there were many years ago however the ratings have become more strict. So while there may be less G rated movies, there are tons of family friendly Disney and Pixar movies that are exactly the same as in years past. Kids movies haven't become more violent or scary, the ratings system has changed

  • No: There Are Not Too Few G-Rated Films

    Over the course of film history, a large collection of G-Rated films have been gathering. If one sees a lack of G films at the theater, one simply has to dust off some old classics for the kids. The problem is not enough movies suitable for children, but adults who take an interest in their kids, and activities that kids can engage in which take them outside of this destructive, pixel addicted culture.

  • Cinema Industry goes where the money is

    Cinema will always cater to the class and demography that has disposable income. Currently this isn't the middle class with 2 or greater children. So we see a greater number of PG-13 moves aimed at the females between the ages of 16 and 35 years. This isn't unusual and will have peaks and valleys across the course of the next few years. As a whole there are enough G rated choices for families with children that can sit through a movie.

  • No, there are enough G-rated films today.

    I do not think that there are not enough G-rated films today. I think that there is just the right amount today. I think that people should try to watch movies in all sorts of rating as long as they are appropriate for their age group. I also think that G-rated films are better today than they were before.

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