Are there too many 15 and under year olds on this site?

Asked by: GeekiTheGreat
  • I was about the say the same thing...

    I realized there is a predominance of young people on this site, skewing many of the polls to a very young position. It's hard to quantify it, but there is that highly recognizable mixture of youthful optimism and naivete that makes me wonder if we are have good discussions, or simply getting a snapshot of what the latest social media is selling.
    I don't think it's completely negative to see how the next generation might vote for certain issues, but it's not an accurate snapshot of where all of society stands (or will stand).
    It's interesting, and the only reason the negative is implied is because of the word "too"... There are "too many", meaning that older views aren't proportionately represented.

  • No, and No.

    Excuse my supporting headline, but I say the more the merrier. More debates, more votes, more views, more topics, what's not to like?
    Then there comes the maturity issue, do under fifteen year old have a less mature state of mind resulting in more wasted debates? Hm, well that in itself is debatable, but I'm sure some of you (and I know I do) know grown men and women that are less mature than some toddlers, so lets not stereotype the entire age range, because some of the younger people on this site have more maturity than some of the adults.
    Plus, the younger people DO when some debates. Its not like they're loosing all the time, I have seen a fifteen year old beat a thirty year old.
    The adults just get mad when they are beaten by the youth (;
    Thanks for reading my opinion.
    -14 year old DDO member

  • No I'm 14 and I can do better arguments than all of you.

    No. People who are under 15 have just as much right to give you their opinion. And personally, I think my opinion is better than most people my age because I agree with older people more than I agree with people my age or people in their twenties. My political views are crazy, yes. Some may say fascist, but I think that everyone has a right to be heard.

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katrilenyah says2013-05-22T13:34:04.437
Yes probably, i am 15 and i am on this site daily but i feel that it helps me voice my opinion and make me feel important in real world matters, i dont believe that this site should be used to debate childish stuff like dragon ball z or star trek and stuff though. Those are invalid.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-22T16:47:07.690
I feel like if 15 year olds were more mature, then this wouldn't be a problem.
katrilenyah says2013-05-23T16:01:40.233
I agree completely, other 15 year old's in my freshman class are very immature and childish.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-23T17:34:50.067
Exactly, I know this is a very general question, because I was friends with freshman who were mature when I was a junior in highschool, and not all 15year olds are like that.
ooberman says2013-07-21T17:27:29.390
It's obvious when a young person posts, even intelligent and thoughtful ones (generally). I just think we are missing well-seasoned opinions. For example, I have debated on other sites for years and there are few angles that I haven't seen. It's frustrating when someone doesn't know the full breadth and depth of the debate, but latches on to the popular buzz words and soundbites, and then their fellow 15 year olds chime in.
Many of these topics are here BECAUSE they are REALLY, REALLY difficult to work through. Hundreds of generations of humanity has wrestled with, say, Morality, but so many people think they can simply chime in on the subject as if they have the answer.
Youth lacks wisdom by it's very nature, and we don't see a lot of wisdom because of the preponderance of young people.
It's great they are here! Welcome all you young people! Debate! Have fun! But, also, realize you may be wrong, or that you might even change your mind - or that there might never be an answer.