Are there too many FOIA exemptions for the federal government?

  • No real information.

    Yes, there are too many FOIA exemptions for the federal government, because the public does not have any way to get any real information. If the government does not want to produce the information, they just claim that the matter is still under investigation. We don't really have a right to know.

  • Yes There Are

    I believe there are too many FOIA exemptions for the federal government. I believe the government needs to be more transparent. The people in this country have a right to know what their government is doing. Too many of these requests are being denied and ignored. Many that are honored are only done with a large amount of information blacked out.

  • No there are not too many FOIA exemptions allowed the federal government.

    There are nine (9) exemptions available to the federal government deny the release of information requested under the Freedom of information act. They are: 1) documents properly classified as secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy; 2) Related solely to internal personnel rules and practices. Additionally: 3) A trade secret or privileged or confidential commercial or financial information obtained from a person; 4) A personnel, medical, or similar file the release of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy; 5) could reasonably be expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings; 6) would deprive a person of a right to a fair trial or an impartial adjudication; 7) would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, 8) could reasonably be expected to disclose the identity of a confidential source, 8) would disclose techniques, procedures, or guidelines for investigations or prosecutions, or 9) reasonably could be expected to endanger an individual's life or physical safety.

  • Somethings people do not need to know

    No, I do not think that their are too many FOIA exemptions for the federal government. In some cases some information need to be kept on a confidential or need to know basis. There is not a need to know for every citizen in the country. Somethings are a matter of public safety in general.

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