• All this bigotry

    I once looked up a debate on the KKK and someone said "all you F***ing n***** lovers the KKK will rise again. Debate. Org has terrible amounts of bigots with no supporting argument. Please stop all the racism, sexism,homophobia pro porn, pro rape pro underage sex, JUST STOP IT!! Please.

  • Some people have no logical sense.

    For example take a look at this:

    "league of lrgends is a bad game since it is made by riot games
    riot is a bad company because all they want to do is to steal your money buy making you buy champions which are ruining the economy of AMERICA valve is making the economy by encuragin free trade and capitolism on the steam market.

    This is clear even for a 9 year old like me that league of legends is supporting russian communists and will eventually destroy america.


    also lol is a bad game because they make heroes just like dota heroes. Dotas drow ranger who is my fav hero is just like ashe from league and their abilities are the same to. This is a lazy game made by lazy communists at riot games and if nothing is done to stop the army of soviet fanboys lol creates capitolism will be gone in the next few years.

    I heard that LoL has about 30 million players that is as much as a wholee country which makes it so that lol players might unite to form a communist riot-wershipping nation who will take over america.

    Of corse this is just my opinion on how league is bad make up your own opinions on why lol is a bad game because their are many raesons. Remember i am only 9 so please reply telling me how i can make my opinions better.



  • People should be smarter

    Whenever I am reading a debate, there are always wacky answers that make no sense! People put their answers in the wrong section(affirmative in the no section or vice versa). Also, don't repeat the same thing 500 other people have said already.If you can't use a debate website properly, you shouldn't use it at all! At least check your answers first!!

  • It all depends on what your definition of an idiot is.

    As Earlee said, just because someone has a different opinion doesn't necessarily make them an idiot. This is a freed debate website and is therefore open to everyone regardless of their views on certain subjects. I also don't think that the majority of people are trolls just because it takes some time, in my opinion, to sign up for this and most trolls don't have time for that. In conclusion I just want to say that no matter how much we disagree with people we should still hear them out and give them respect. Thank you and God bless you all.

  • If anything, there aren't enough idiots.

    Idiots can be treated. Unfortunately, we have something worse: Outright hostile trolls. Not petty bullies like me, but in-your-face chauvinist [CENSORED].
    For example, look at these fine gentlemen:
    royan and heilXX, where XX is the iteration he is on. Last I checked, he was on 93, and hasn't made another for 24 hours. I think airmax finally IP banned him.

  • Just because someon's opinion is different doesn't make that person an "idiot"

    "Are there too many arrogant, close minded people?" is a better question. From both the left and the right, no one seems to be able to comprehend an opinion aside from their own. Freedom of thought involves freedom of ALL thoughts, whether you like them or not. So, don't claim to be a propent of free thought and continue to be so confident in your own beleifs that you can justify devaluing an idea that isn't in line with what you beleive.
    But I suppose that that's not really the whole idea behind debate.

  • Nobody on DDO is an idiot.

    There will always be people who are uninformed on a topic, less capable of constructing logical arguments, and so on. Given time, they will improve. They need encouragement and help to better their debate skills, and not discouragement and being branded idiots. We also have a culture of making 'troll debates, which I believe the OP may have encountered during his or her short stay on DDO.

    As for people putting their answers in the wrong sections, that is purely absent-mindedness, and nothing at all to do with idiocy. It happens to the best of us. Repeating questions is bad - I do think we need to have polls on gay marriage, abortion and, more recently, polygamy less often - but I don't mind if one pops up once every six months. The old polls and opinions are usually ignored by current users, so we could make repeat polls/opinions to look for new insights.

  • Education is key

    No debate.Org is an educatino place for people to voice their opinions

    i do not know why someone would want to call this place trolls.

    This is a forum for people to debate and present their views over certain topics, whether humorous, religious, or controversial

    please keep this place fair and clean

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