• Yes, there are.

    And there is very simple solution for it. Throw out all immigrants, and descendants of immigrants, so that only natives would left, then let them decide who can come in and who cannot. It would be just and wise, but it would be more just if all immigrants and their descendants would be burned on stake, after what they have done to natives.

  • There are no real Americans.

    ALL the people in America are immigrants. The only actual real American are the Native Americans, and not a lot of Native Americans are still living. So basically, more than 90% of the country is immigrants. It is a country of immigrants, so if you kick out the immigrants. VERY few, if any, will be left in the country.

  • The problem is not too many, but too low quality

    The reason is culture. INdividuals from Panam, Cuba, CHile won't be the same quality as someone from Mexico or Guatemala. The point is quality over quantity. Quality individuals tend to have fewer children, thus decrease the risk the country takes.

    Lower fertility rate leads to someone focusing more on fewer children which leads to better quality individuals. Think about it, most gangs in the South West, are hispanic, and most are not, Cuban, or Costa Rican etc. They are Mexican and Guatemalan. This should not be mistaken to as if all Mexicans are bad no, but the probability of getting a trouble maker from North central American is far far higher than any other cultural group.

    I come from Colombia, but I do not identify myself with that culture, reason being I fled from it, however hispanics are collective because of their culture, and what made this country what it is, it's is individualism. Allowing, fewer amount of highly skilled or highly education immigrants, would allow them a ebtter chance of adapting to the American mainstream culture. When there are too many in one area, it allows for a cultural bubble to develop, and it creates cultural support. There is less to no need of learning English, progressing, or even changing the very habits that led to them fleeing in the first place. Having too many allows immigrants to "stick" to what is familiar.

    Having fewer immigrants, from MANY different countries is very different from having many immigrants from few places.

    Now the other bad point is the economic side. While currently immigration does provide a temporary slight boost to economic power. The problem is, that based on the above cultural bubbles fertility rates do not drop, thus the quality of future immigrants will continue the depression of wages. So the current "worker" boost will continue to pressure middle class America, while hurting small businesses, which provide innovation and competition in numbers to big businesses. This will int he future more than outweight the slight economic boost immigrants provide, because the middle class will be hurt. When they get hurt they leave, Detroit all over again. Budgets begin to dwindle, schools get less taxes, cities get lower literacy rate and the snowball keeps on rolling.

    Few immigrants in a continous stream over a long period of time will allow them to adapt, while not allowing friction discrimination or hatred to build up. Too many will have a negative impact not only on the country but also on future immigrants. Think about it, today it is automatically assume that if you are an hispanic immigrant you are Mexican.

    I am an American WITH hispanic background, NOT a hispanic american. This was because I was lucky to go to a school where the majority of classmates were middle class. This allowed me not to stick to what is familiar and REPLICATE the same exact culture that led to my family to run from my former home.

    Quality over quantity!!!

    Posted by: N711
  • Struggling country, doesn't need anymore immigrants.

    I appreciate the fact that more people would want to immigrate to my homeland. But the fact is we are a struggling nation, suffering economically and socially, we can't really seem to afford anymore people coming into this country. Not to mention plenty of immigrants (from research, and my own personal experience) fail to adapt to our ways of life, instead we have to adapt to them. I believe if someone immigrates to your country, `they should adapt to us not the other way around.

  • YES, but solely the ILLEGAL kind

    I don't have a big problem with legal immigration...We all got here that way. What I have a huge problem with is the illegal immigrant problem which has been caused and has been encouraged to remain because of what big business wants. BOTH major parties' establishment leaders (not all members of each party) have been absolute shills for big business, basically looking the other way while the problem has festered. They both make entirely different excuses and blame each other, but in fact neither party has an exclusive lock on having caused the problem.

    The Democrats are famous for shaming the Republicans as racists simply for wanting to enforce the borders and not let everyone come flooding in (a ridiculous and reckless accusation which has done nothing but bring reasonable people's tempers to a boil). The Republicans are famous for not holding to any workable idea of how to solve the problem, which has an obvious but never-tried solution because it would cause their friends to have to spend more to hire legal workers.

    It is because of big business that we have the problem. When is the last time you saw a businessman go to jail for hiring an illegal alien, even though it is not legal to do so? Answer: NEVER

    So...Between people flooding across the border illegally, and millions of others who originally got here illegally but have overstayed their visas, the abuse of the H1-B visa program to replace workers HERE, and the shipping of millions of jobs overseas, you have an extremely serious problem which has finally burst through the surface and people just cannot tolerate it anymore. The dam broke finally and I'm happy about it. We need to send these legions of invaders back to their home countries.

    It's the limp-wristed and politically-correct politicians (whose true motive is to do the bidding of big business) that have to be pushed out of the way to get this done. Then we can enact and enforce laws that put businessmen in jail who hire illegals and the problem I guarantee will be solved very quickly by a combination of self-deportation and enforced deportation.

    It's similar to the drug problem:

    Don't try to solve the problem only at the user (illegal immigrant) end. Solve it at the dealer (hiring businesses) end as well. Do both.

  • Yes, there are too many immigrants in America

    The idea of America being a melting pot was a perfect analogy for that time when so many people from different countries were arriving in America and being assimilated into what became our diverse country. However, too many of the immigrants who are here now have no loyalty to our country and are here simply to get whatever handouts and assistance they can get. They have no desire to become citizens and continue to pledge loyalty to their country of origin while holding out their hands to get food and medical care from the United States. Immigrants are wonderful and bring a lot of diversity to our land. But immigrants should either come here for short visits and go back to their own countries, or come here with the intention of becoming full citizens with the rights and responsibilities that go along with that.

  • Yes go Trump!

    Trump is good, Trump is life. We should all have Trump as president. He would be good with making the Mexicans building their own wall just to block themselves off. I also like my own daughter, the same way Trump does. We should all be like Trump to make America great again!

  • Too many illegals!

    Deport them and don't let them back in! They are like roaches, you get a few and in a years time you have 500 America is going to become a 3rd world country if we're not careful. I don't see Germany, Russia, Ireland letting these bean burritos in so why the hell are we?!

  • Way too much.

    Just look around and pay attention to what goes on in society. Loss of jobs, loss of consitutional values due to immigrant beliefs. This is America the United States Of America. The United doesn't mean divided. Not all immigrants are bad, there of plenty that are though. Should definitely stop allowing so many into America.

  • Enough is Enough

    We cannot afford the free stuff for the poor now and we keep adding more and more poor people to our welfare rolls. This is simply killing our country and it needs to stop now. The Democrats keep importing more and more migrants to affect congressional districts in red states.

  • Immigrants has helped up out in many ways

    The U.S has always been a country of migrants. Immigrants come either because we offered asylum, job opportunities, and a freer land (note that I didn't say free, I said freer).

    Ethnic groups come here and they share their culture which will assimilate with the Americans. If you're eating a burrito or stir-fried noodles and you love it, thank us immigrants for coming from Asia or Mexico to the U.S.

    Immigrants contribute to our economy and pay our taxes, illegal or not. If we close up our borders, we'll be depriving ourselves of diverse cultures and economic stimuli. This is happening in Japan right now. Due to their closed up border and close-minded foreign policy, they are experiencing a serious population decline and their third-largest economy is taking a toll.

  • No, Not Really

    Correction: there are too many illegal immigrants in this country.
    Nobody cares if you're Black or White or Hispanic or Proto-American or Asian. But if you're an immigrant, people should care whether you came here legally or illegally. Anyone who lives in this country should have to pay their taxes upon reaching adult age. Illegals don't, and therefore they effectively are tax evaders, criminals.

  • There are not too many immigrants in America.

    The United States is a very large country of nearly 400 million people. Although there are a large number of immigrants in America, they comprise a very small number in respect to the population at large. Also, moderate immigration is necessary in order to continue importing the types of individual cultures and talents that help the present population evolve. If the American population became too homogonous, it would not longer thrive.

  • No, we should welcome everyone.

    I wish we didn't have to label people all the time. We should be proud that we are the country that everyone wants to come to. There are not too many immigrants, there are only people who want the same freedom and opportunity we sometimes take for granted. I believe someday there will be no boundaries and we will be one world.

  • No, a lot more immigration is necessary.

    There isn’t a single predominant way of life in the States. Anyone moving, traveling, or just being born to this country doesn’t steal any jobs or money from you because not just you are entitled to those jobs or that money. You shouldn’t feel entitled to only meet people who are identical to you. You can’t demand anyone to adapt to your way of life, but anyone living in the States should nevertheless adapt to the local state legislation. What the legislation says applies to all the inhabitants. Everything beyond legislation is free and individual.

    Most US-Americans have a rich genetic immigrant background. The States should treat new legal immigrants and returning immigrants in the same way and offer nationality to everyone who accepts the legislation, stays here, and has a good enough command of English in order to cope.

    This way you won't be able to identify who is a recent immigrant and neither would it be of any concern anymore.

  • No, everyone should be welcome

    We in the United States have so many more opportunities then many other places, we should be able to welcome and let everyone who wishes to come to the U.S. come. Immigrants help the united states in ways that we couldn't on our own, and have brought so many beneficial things to the U.S.

  • I say yes

    Well think,these people get to come here for free,take our jobs,and use our medical stuff.If we built a wall around the U.S.A, then we could stop all the numbers coming, also if they want to come to the U.S.A, then they gotta not take our jobs,use medical stuff for money,and make them pay money to come here! Who is with me

  • There are NEVER to many immigrants in America.

    People like Donald Trump are racist and don't want people to come to America.But it would be awesome to have more than just american people in America. I have some friends that aren't white and there is nothing wrong with that! Donald Trump apparently never heard of freedom because he is trying to keep Mexicans from having freedom!

  • Not too many Immigrants

    Only get rid of the illegal immigrants and let the immigrants become legal immigrants after A month of living here, but if they don't want to become legal citizens get rid of them and keep the ones that do. America was built on immigration so let immigrants come to america and become legal immigrants!

  • Lets be honest here guys.

    The only matter is with them in our country is that they are not legal Americans, if you are going to come into our country, at least become a legal U.S. citizen. Pay Taxes, learn to speak English. That's all. I mean really, they are not causing problems, they are taking the jobs we do not want to do, they are not getting paid more than $7.80...Come, on, give these guys a break.

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ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-02T02:14:24.440
There's definitely too many illegal immigrants, but chances are that if you're a legal immigrant, you'll actually contribute to society instead of lounging around, shooting ho neighborhoods, and waiting for a welfare check every month.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-02T02:14:36.587
There's definitely too many illegal immigrants, but chances are that if you're a legal immigrant, you'll actually contribute to society instead of lounging around, shooting up neighborhoods, and waiting for a welfare check every month.

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