• Yes, there are too many kids in college.

    Yes, there are too many kids in college. A college education is not appropriate for everyone and is a waste of time for some kids. Instead of college, many kids should be receiving vocational or technical training. It is important to develop the skills of all young people, and college is not necessarily the most appropriate place to develop those skills.

  • Yes, colleges have become saturated with students, making degrees less prestigious in the workforce.

    College degrees used to be worth their weight in gold. Now they've become a standard in the workforce and have made themselves a dime a dozen. Students need to re-evaluate their career choices and decide if a degree is truly necessary for their field and if the student loan debt is worth it in the long run. Many trade schools offer programs that can compete for a fraction of the cost.

  • Yes, I think there are too many kids in college.

    I think that many people are going to college who should not be there and end up dropping out, I think that with the huge loan programs that ensure everyone can borrow massive amounts of money to go to college has driven costs through the roof and ends up making people have lifetime of debt to pay back, I think more people should be focused on vocational training instead of college.

  • There are not too many kids in college.

    A college education is necessary for a successful career. It is a sign of a good economy and a strong education system if there is high enrollment in colleges. Students should make sure they are studying things that will help them to find a job in the future, and they should not waste their time in college.

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