• Yes There Are

    When getting into legal issues everyone always says, just get a lawyer. The flaw with that is the fact that people can't afford to hire lawyers and they won't work for free or even a reduced wage. I believe a lot of policy has been changed by dishonesty in the justice system and I believe a lot of these problems have been brought on by the abundance of lawyers in the system.

  • The American labor market is lousy with lawyers.

    Yes, there are far too many lawyers in the United States today. That's not because of any societal ills, but because for a long time, the legal profession was seen as being a lucrative one. That caused a huge influx of students pursuing legal degrees in the late 80s and 90s, which saturated and devalued their labor market. I personally know of one attorney who gave up on the law and went into nursing, where she makes twice as much money.

  • There is a lawyer for everything

    Yes, I agree that there are too many lawyers in America. We have lost our ability to utilize our problem solving skills. Every time something does not go our way we are going to sue or take you to court. Lawyers want these actions, you can see it from all the commercials that play on television every day and night.

  • Yes there are

    Yes, I do think that there are a bit to many lawyers that are out there. I had a wreck not that long ago, and I get mail every day from a lawyer who is wanting to take over my case and get me a lot more money that what I otherwise might get.

  • No, people use lawyers a lot in the US

    We are a very litigious people. As a result, we have a ton of lawyers. If there were too many lawyers, prices for legal services would be driven down by the market. So if the current market is supporting the current number of lawyers, then there are not too many.

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