• We can't keep up with all of them

    Many Olympic events do not even seem like a sport. I guess it is still good for the athletes to be able to show off their skills for their country. I just think there are to many sports for me to keep up with and some are kind of boring.

  • Yes, there are too many Olmpic events.

    Yes, there are entirely too many Olympic events. Not to mention there is a winter and a summer (and yes I realize it is not every year, but still). Maybe it is because I just really do not like the Olympics but seriously, there is just way too much going on there that not everyone cares about.

  • All should participate.

    There are not enough Olympic events, because it would be great if more people could have the chance to become an Olympian. There is no reason to keep the Olympics to a certain number of events. It would be fine if the Olympics went for three weeks. We would love to celebrate more sports.

  • No, there can always be more.

    There are a lot of Olympic events, but the list is always changing and some good ones get left out. The more events included, the better. More events mean more options for both athletes and viewers. It also means that more people would be able to participate, which is great considering how infrequent the games are held.

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