Are there too many polls on WWII and subsidiary events?

Asked by: BrunoFarber0059
  • The DDO is supposed t o be a site for a rich, diversity of ideas, questions,

    And thoughts pursuit of a greater knowledge of our world and some of the problems in the current zeitgeist that might be addressed more eloquently if people of all backgrounds and experiences would share their visions for or near future. It isn't a place to dwell on a 70 year old war and make insipid speculations like, "What if this and What if that" It gets redundant and boring and turns newcomers off as well as older members.

  • No it is not.

    Personally, if you want to blame anyone for spamming the opinions section with stupid questions, blame adam2. Seriously, that guy is annoying. Historical questions can be fun, though my area of expertise is about 300 years earlier then WW2 and the imperialist era. I personally study western religions in my free time. (Working on Eastern next year)

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