• Yes, absolutely.

    There are way too many reality shows. In my opinion, they are really boring. They force conflict over the dumbest of reasons to clumsily create a plot. They bore me to tears, so I say we need a lot less of them and more original content. I might actually watch more TV if they do that.

  • There Are Too many reality TV Shows

    There are definitely too many reality tv shows on these days. Everyone has a show these days and most of them are not even good. It is to the point that channels like MTV that are known for music videos have more reality tv shows than videos on these days.

  • There are too many reality TV Shows

    Yes, there are way too many reality TV shows today. I feel this way because it's as clear as day. I have cable television and every time I turn the channel, it's a reality show. Any and every type of channel has one. SpikeTV, Food Network, Bravo, VH1, MTV, BET, etc. all have a reality show.

    I miss the days of just regular sitcoms that taught morals and values like Who's The Boss, Full House, Family Matters, etc. Bring REAL TV back, not "reality" TV.

  • Get a life!

    I have no interest in families like the Kardashians or most other reality shows. Whilst some (e. G. Medical) shows are interesting, There are far too many reality shows that elevate people with no talent into so called celebrity status. Happy getting on with my own fulfilling life and encourage others to do the same.

  • Too much reality tv

    I think tv producers etc are just getting lazier. Must be easier/cheaper to just get a bunch of nobodies & put them in a house or kitchen & see what happens. Seriously guys... It's getting old now. I can see why services like netflix are a much better option for the couch potatoes like me. Tv used to be cool... Now it's the same old rehashed reality crap day in day out.

  • Watching TV now is like reading those women's gossip magazines from the 90's

    I've stopped watching broadcast television due to the sheer lack of quality shows, especially sitcoms, and the wall-to-wall reality TV nonsense. I'd bet a significant amount of money that this is the reason why Netflix is so popular. I miss prime time TV - Friday nights and Saturday evenings. Think how spoiled we were in the 80's and 90's for fantastic scripted shows.

  • Enough is enough

    When is it going to stop? I am sick to death of reality shows. Just about every tv channel telecast reality shows. Watching TV has become boring. What is it doing for our health and well-being? No wonder we have a country dealing with a high obesity rate. We are all sitting on our bums watching reality crap. It's time for change.

  • What happen to TV?

    Well it's gone really. But when reality TV first started it was nice but then it got out of control and became very predictable. I'm better off going into the getto and watching some fights and baby momma drama than watch some pushed at you dramma. I rather watch TV from the 60s to mid 90s

  • I would rather watch grass grow

    What happened to the good old days, There used to be some good old shows on, now days, its all this reality tripe that I find very exhausting. Its very in your face, annoying, and the shows just drag on and on and on. If the show is rating well, they will bring back eliminated conterstants. And if those contestants are eliminated, they bring back eliminated contestants or previous winners. And if those winners are eliminated, they bring back previous winners . Oh look guys, you get the picture. Thankyou.

  • Yes, I'd say definitely.

    When I was a child (early 2000's) my mother had this rule that I was allowed to watch cartoons for 1 hour maximum a day, the rest of the time only shows on Discovery, History, NatGeo, or Animal Planet. Honestly, looking back, it was the most sensible rule she ever implemented. Slight problem though, she wouldn't have been able to do it nowadays seeing as these channels have fallen in line with the reality show status quo - it's 2/3's of all they show - documentaries are a rarity now.

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