Are there too many religious debates on

Asked by: WheezySquash8
  • There Are Way Too Many Debates.

    Whenever I log into Debate.Org, I see a least at least 10 debates on religion and some are offensive. I just don't understand it. Why can't we all just stop trying to prove our religion? It's stupid! I respect Atheists but they post SO many debates on religion. I really wish that we could all just stop and say that you can believe in what you want.

  • Especially as it's out of the judge-able area

    The fact that there ARE a lot of religious debates does not bothered me as much as the fact, that religion doesn't go well with the main process of debates.

    Two religions or religious people might debate against each other, as they both equally understand their Bible or holy script as valid source. And they both agree to the concept that something IS true BECAUSE it can not be proven wrong.

    This doesn't fit to the way Atheists or regular debate topics work, where something is true, because it CAN be proven or neither true nor wrong until someone can make a pooving description of it (Schrödinger's Cat).

    On a personal note: I see the large amount of Americans as a reason for this. I am from Europe where I usually experience a less and more flexible religious debates. Maybe because most people are passive Christian, but still. This is getting tiresome.

  • No, debate is always important.

    No matter what a debate is about, it is always important. Debate breeds (mostly civilised) conflict, and from conflict comes development and progress. Debating about religion may eventually lead all the world to try to accept other faiths and beliefs instead of constantly killing each other off over such petty concerns. Wouldn't that be awesome? Think about it.

  • No, religion is an important topic to discuss.

    Religion should not hold some taboo place in our society that cannot be discussed. It should be discussed, debated, and argued about. Many people make big, life altering decisions based upon their religious beliefs, and there is no reason that those beliefs should not be out in the open and being discussed. We do it with politics, and nearly every other human enterprise. Religion should be no different.

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Ragnar says2013-07-03T16:47:23.743
No, it's just a problem of the same ones being repeated so often.