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  • No, rules are in place to protect others.

    Rules, whether they be local laws, national laws, or guidelines in a place such as a school, are generally in place for a couple of valid reasons. One, is that they give a certain measure of control or order to a place. Second, rules are also made to protect the well-being of other people. As examples, murder and slander are wrong because they are hurtful toward others.

  • There are not too many restrictions to control behavior.

    There are not too many restrictions controlling our behavior. The laws that are in place are necessary in order protect the safety of the community. The government is not trying to restrict our behavior so much as they are trying to prevent dangerous behaviors that could result in tradegy for the group.

  • Yes, but it's our lack of self control that is to blame.

    There are way too many restrictions to control behavior, but we only have ourselves to blame for them. Recent generations have been more awful than in the past, with a noticeable decrease in the ability to control their impulses. Since people can't seem to regulate their own behavior, others must now do it for them.

  • No there is not.

    There are not too many restrictions to control behavior because one behavior does not need to controlled just teach people how to act not necessarily make them conform to one type of behaving. Also if you use a positive reinforcement technique it will do wonders and both people will enjoy the lessons more.

  • No, I don't think so.

    No, I believe that most of the restrictions that our government has in place are there for a reason. It is usually to protect us or other people. We have the freedom of speech in this country, but not when that freedom infringes upon the right of other people. There are some fundamental freedoms that are still being prevented, such as the right of lgbt people to marry, but those restrictions are being overturned quickly.

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