Are there too many rules on physicality in sports?

Asked by: durdydurds
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  • Yes, and no.

    The amount of rules and technicalities involved in sports make it difficult to actually get anything done. Went to a basketball game once where 90% of the game was fouls even though they had barely gotten anywhere near each other. It was super silly. They should lighten it up a bit, though they do have them in place for a reason.

  • Athletes Know the Risks

    When signing up for sports, all athletes know the risks of injuries and concussions. Football is a physical sport and people are going to get hurt. I know I would get banged up after a 200 pound man tackled me 15 times after running straight at him. Because of all this new research on concussions, the NCAA has become an obsessed mob of sheltering mothers that defend any athlete who got Hirt. Not to say this is bad, however accidents happen and just because Bob checked Joe because they were playing hockey doesn't mean Bob should be fined $400 for intended misconduct. Granted there are some poor sports out there who will chop an ankle if you get on there bad side but all in all, people who run around tackling, sliding, stiff-arming and checking are gonna hurt someone or themselves. That's how the game is played and has been played for close to 100 years.

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