• Zombies don't exist

    It is a waste of time watching zombie movies. People who do should spend more time reading better literature and learning to add and subtract. They should also learn to communicate more effectively with others. There is nothing to be gained from watching movies such as these. I wonder if zombie movie watchers are also gullible enough to be trump supporters.

  • Zombie clone directors

    I've had an amazing idea for a film, wait for it.....Zombies. Yep I'm just another 'film maker' who just copies other peoples ideas, I could do something challenging like mirror world death vision children, but I'm gonna stick to the easy road, zombies please, just add my crap film to the huge pile of crap uninspiring rubbish 'films'.

  • Yes There Are

    Personally I can't get into this zombie thing, so I do feel there have been too many zombie movies. The film industry usually goes through phases when it comes to topics like zombies. Other common themes include Dracula, vampires, mummies, etc. These things are often popular for a while and then the popularity falls and the topic is covered less or not at all. I will be glad when the zombie fad fades.

  • There are too many zombie movies.

    There are too many zombie movies. There are Zombie movies that are horror but there are also Zombie movies that fall into sub categories like comedy, sci-fi or thriller. There were 8 zombie movies released in 2013 which included films such as World War Z, Evil Dead, Bath Salt zombies, and stalled. There were 14 zombie movies released in 2012 and 17 in 2011. 15 Zombie movies came out in 2010, so since 2010 there have been a total of 54 Zombie movies release. That is a very large number of Zombie movies.

  • Yes, there are too many zombie movies.

    I definitely think that there are too many zombie movies. It think that a lot of them have started to become a little redundant as well. The reason for all the zombie films is because there is still a market for them regardless of how horrible some of the movies are.

  • Zombie Shows are for stupid people.

    They are boring and a complete waste of time. Actors playing zombies and vampires don't need any talent. The stories are all the same so there is no creativity.

    These shows are for low IQs. All the actors need to do is shuffle around and make stupid noises. How many times can you do that and keep the interest of the audience?

  • There are not too many zombie movies.

    Although there have been a lot of zombie movies released lately, they must have enough of an audience, or there would not be the demand for them. Give the people what they want, until they are sick of it and can't take anymore. Then we'll all get a break from zombie movies.

  • No, I don't think there are too many zombie movies.

    Overall I think that as long as people continue to buy tickets to sustain the zombie movies productions then there is not too many of them, the zombie movie niche has a relatively substantial following that has grown over the past few years and people wish to watch movies on them.

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