Are there unsolved mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle?

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  • Yes, lets think a bit shall we?

    Aliens? Let' think reality shall we? Of course there have been many fundamental scientific reasons for the Bermuda triangle to have such a vast amount of casualties, but it is just becoming silly. Mythical creatures that you may believe in is all just subjective. I am a strong believer of Christianity but also like to use a range of different sources to try to uncover hidden mysteries. I am ethically sound and I am willing to listen to any opinions that come my way, but unfortunately the truth never seems to be revealing itself. Once we find one solution, then three more tend to come and slap us right back in the face. Several cases have come up within the past 100 years and have become more frequent as time has gone on. A prime example of this is Flight 19. American Avengers on a mission to hit all three corners of the Bermuda Triangle. Or there is the idea of an electromagnetic fog.
    In conclusion these ideas are becoming either too complex or too vague, there needs to be a balanced thought with evidence to back it all up.

  • Too Many Disappearances

    The Bermuda Triangle has given rise to dozens of stories of ships and planes being lost forever in a relatively small area of ocean. Pilots and captains in the area have long reported significant trouble with their instruments and magnetic readings while attempting to navigate the triangle for which no good explanation has been provided.

  • Yes, because if we knew all the mysteries we would know what happened to all the planes and ships who disappeared.

    If all the mysteries were solved we would probably know already what caused the planes and ships to just disappear but unfortunately we don't know. Again, if we knew we would know how flight 19 disappeared but we don't know because the Bermuda triangle has many mysteries that not everyone can solve. We do have greater technology that would help us figure out what the mystery was after all.

  • Yes, there are unsolved mysteries because no one knows why these things happen.

    Yes, there are unsolved mysteries because people still don't know why planes go crazy and crash, or why strange things happen, or even why boats never come back and people never come back. Even Christopher Columbus saw strange things happening. People are still looking for important clues to figure out every mystery about the Bermuda Triangle.

  • There are definitely unsolved mysteries because, to date, there has been no evidence to explain anything.

    There is very little question as to whether or not there are unsolved mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle. The main question is what the solutions to those mysteries may be. Many probably have simple solutions that may never be known, unless someone is right there to witness them. The more outlandish, supernatural solutions are less likely to be correct. In the end, there will always be unsolved mysteries to the Bermuda Triangle. Since there are no survivors and no wreckage to inspect, there is no way to know for sure what happened.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Yes, because ships are disappearing, without any known reasons.

    If ships and boats are disappearing in the area, then the reasons need to be discovered. There is so much hype around it that it is hard to understand truly if any problem exists. But, there must be something to make it a mystery, and it should be researched in more detail.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • Yes, there are unsolved mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle.

    First of all, it's definitely a mystery, since planes and ships disappear in there. If one ship just "disappeared" you would think it's a shipwreck or something else that could destroy a ship. After more than several incidents of that happening again and again to ships and planes, one would wonder where they went. A everlasting hurricane or a giant vortex couldn't be possible. I believe that there could be something under the ocean that stops the ships or planes from functioning. Or there could be weird weather patterns in there that cause the incidents. And there's also the possibility that there's something in the Bermuda Triangle that defies the laws of physics. Always expect the unexpected. Even if we figure out what's causing the problem, there will always be questions that will be hard to answer.

  • There are unsolved mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle. There are many cases of people who have flown or boated around that area and disappeared.

    I believe that there are cases where people and crafts have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. If there weren't legitimate missing persons/crafts cases then there would be no cause to invent such a story.

    Posted by: AboardTod
  • No. I don't think so...

    Like some of the others stated, its mere coincidence that there are so many incidents that occur, people just like to make up any reason or excuse for soemthing that cannot be explained. However, there has been some studies that reveal a number of natural occurrences in the ocean and with the weather, that may explain some of the mysteries. One of which is a strange phenomenon where gas leaks from earths crust below the ocean and creates a huge up wellings of gaseous bubbles, kinda like carbonation on soda. It's been proven that some vessels that encounter this, will sink due to the fact gas is replacing much of the water that would've otherwise been displaced by the vessel, which is how it stays afloat. Now I'm not saying this is exclusive to the Bermuda triangle, but it could be one many reasons there are so many strange incidents. So while strange things may happen, I'm sure most incidents can be linked to adverse atmospheric and oceanic conditions. Not to mention it's probably one of the most heavily traveled places on earth.

  • No, because myths are myths, and such is the Bermuda Triangle.

    The Bermuda Triangle is a myth, just like Bigfoot. It does not mean it exists. The area is so large and in such a torrid ocean area, that it is not hard to understand that boats will sink. Basically, any area of ocean you look at is going to have shipwrecks. The Bermuda Triangle is no different.

    Posted by: MarriedKelvin72
  • There are no unsolved mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle because the Bermuda Triangle is a myth.

    I believe that the mystery and intrigue behind the Bermuda Triangle is a way to explain what we can't understand. Why a plane went down, why a ship sank. There may well be real explanations behind these things, but we don't know what they are. So as a society, we create a reason to explain the unexplainable. Hence the Bermuda Triangle.

    Posted by: JayceC
  • I do not believe in paranormal things.

    I do not believe in ghosts or anything paranormal like that. I think there have been a lot of boats that have gone missing in the ocean, and they have never been recovered. People want to automatically say that it is the Bermuda Triangle, but it could really be anywhere that they were lost at sea.

    Posted by: EvieCooIed
  • It's there - and it's only a triangle on the map.

    All missing planes have been found under the water, and they have been explained as equipment failures or pilot error resulting in crashes. There are no more missing ships in that region than in any other of the world. The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular shape drawn on a map between three points. There is no magic and not even a mystery. The only reason we care at all today is because Bermuda was a pirate port for centuries and thus, has accumulated drunken lore that has survived through to modern culture. Cape Fear on Africa has taken more ships and lives, but few people live there or witnessed the "Ghost Coast" of Nambia - thus those stories weren't told around the campfire a hundred years ago or made into books this year.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Yes

    There are definitely unsolved mysteries about the Bermuda triangle that remain unknown to us all. There is so much about our earth that we haven't yet discovered, this could be one of them. Yes, it seems outrageous but think about it. So much has disappeared there without a trace. Was Atlantis real? It could be linked to that. What about aliens, the sea floor, animals? It could be caused by anything. Many people have had their experience there and Christopher Columbus was the first to report something odd about it. I don't think we should give up on this mystery just yet, because it could teach us so much more.

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