• There are ways to attract high-quality educators other than higher pay.

    There are ways to attract high-quality educators other than higher pay. Schools could offer other incentives to attract high-quality educators such as medical and dental benefits, a faster path to getting tenure, increased vacation time, subsidized housing offers, tax credits, and they could attract more high quality teachers by simplifying the application process for becoming a teacher.

  • Yes, there are ways to attract high-quality educators besides higher pay.

    Many educators find fulfillment in the act of helping and supporting others. That is the reason why so many students apply for teaching programs every year despite the common knowledge that education is not the highest paying field. The best way to attract high-quality educators is to provide a supportive teaching environment. For example, schools can attract educators by providing access to high quality resources and allowing them the freedom to explore alternative teaching methods. High-quality educators want to teach, and schools can attract these types of people by simply providing an environment that allows them to do so.

  • Yes, high-quality educators are motivated by other factors.

    I think that there are many ways to attract high-quality educators other than higher pay. While money will always be a good motivator for somebody in terms of accepting a job, I think that there are other factors that are good as well. If a company or university has a prestigious reputation, a person might be motivated to work there.

  • Yes, I think there are things other than pay that will attract high-quality educators

    No teacher got into the profession to get rich. I think more than pay, teachers are interested in opportunities where they feel they will be making a significant impact on the students they're teaching. I think interesting opportunities, as well as great equipment and facilities and a supportive school system can attract high-quality educators.

  • With some respect.

    Yes, there are some ways to attract high-quality educators other than higher pay, and that is by giving them flexibility in the classroom. High-quality educators can also be given verbal affirmation by being given awards and other recognition for their good work. By honoring them, they can be attracted to stay at the job.

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