• Guilty as the next guys!

    If it sounds like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, there is only one conclusion to be reached. It must be a duck. Much against the main-stay opinion that the mention of a police officer immediately brings to mind a feeling of respect, responsibility and the general feeling of gratitude, I have obtained a different point of view. This is natural and I sometimes allow myself to believe those feelings have been earned. But, if you believe that 100% of all cops have earned that right then I have a bridge for sell in London

  • Yes, they should not have stole from a business.

    Cops are just people, and some choose to break the laws they are set to keep. It was wrong of them to steal from a business. However, they should not be judged for ingesting marijuana. Despite the federal government still pushing Marijuana as an illegal substance, many studies have show that we'd is safer than alcohol. It even has many medical and positive effects other than just a substance to be abused.

  • Yes, the OC cops are guility.

    The Orange County police department officers accused of eating marijuana-infused edibles during a dispensary raid are guilty. They were caught on video breaking protocol to get high by eating edibles they found at the dispensary that they were raiding. The officers should be ashamed for abusing their public duties and should be reprimanded.

  • OC Cops Accused of Eating Edibles: Not Guilty!

    Some OC cops were recently accused of eating edibles, to the shock and consternation of their district. However, they are not guilty. Cops must abide by the same rules that they enforce, and as a result, these OC cops could not have been imbibing the substances that they were accused of.

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