• He got tha fresh cut 💯🥶

    Them waves tho 🤤🤤 da kids acting as if they dad just murdered their mf mom with words cuh 🤯😱 the dad got like 1inch higher ground, And his fresh asf wave check means the mom inferior from the beginning. The mom not givin up doe ❗️😨 she obviously got a lot of tricks up her mf sleeve. This is certainly one of the most epic rap battles of all time, No doubt about that no🧢💯😳

  • Yes they are

    I hope the n**ga wins because he got that sick fade. I hope he beats the stupid wife in an epic rap battle and it escalates to the point where she gets smacked and she does a fortnite dance on the ground. Who won whos next? CPS decides. Epic rap battleo fhistory

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