Are they any secular arguments against Abortion?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Yes there are

    Life begins at conception. That is a fact. It is wrong to kill an innocent life, even if that life is very tiny and undeveloped and is dependent on another life to survive. Everyone deserves a chance to live in this world and a persons right to at least have a chance to be born is more important than ones right to bodily autonomy.

  • It is Wrong

    Are there any secular arguments against committing a homicide? Yes, there are, and that reason is that murder is flat out wrong.
    So, by what possible standard is it okay to take the life of an unborn baby? Fact of the matter is, it is not okay, everyone, no matter how old they are, has a right to live.

  • Everyone has a Conscience.

    The number 1 argument against abortion is that it is a sin in God's Eye's. But I've seen on the internet that there's secular arguments against abortion.
    Children are a Gift from God. Abortion is Murder. There needs to be a Federal Constitutional Amendment banning Abortion.
    There are so many baby's being aborted.

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