Are third world countries facing the brunt of environmental pollution by first world countries?

  • This is bad

    Third world countries are sad because they clean there countries yet more trash of the west comes to them. This way should change.Lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll llll l;ll ;lnjdv f g gd gsfd fg g g s gs g dg df g dh e d rh df g dfg d gdgf b g

  • They are suffering because of the lack of resources that are being destroyed by pollution

    Third word countries are basically discriminated because of their very low social ranks and economical status which has given first world countries a chance to dump their waste into weaker countries because they don't want to pollute their own countries. Dumping trash into third world countries is a wrong act and should be stopped.

  • They are the ones creating the pollution

    In most cases of third world countries, it is not the fault of more industrialized nations like, the US or Britain, rather there own fault as they choose to use chemicals that negatively impact their own environment, like China, which uses CFCs in their industrial practices while most westernized countries tend to use scrubbers, which reduce pollution, or use resources which produce less pollutants.

  • I don't believe third world countries are suffering the brunt of pollution.

    While I agree that some countries are certainly suffering with pollution because of the garments and items they manufacture for first world countries, I don't believe that they are suffering from the brunt of pollution. China is generally considered to be closer to a first world country than a third world country and has become incredibly polluted in recent years.

  • Disagree, everyone feels the same effects.

    While first world countries may be contributing to the environmental pollution more than third world countries, every country is facing the effects. The results of continuous environmental pollution do not discriminate on the basis of economy. First world countries may have more means to fight pollution, but they do not have any more means to protect themselves from the effects than third world countries do.

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