Are those people who blame natural disasters on moral policies the dumbest people in existence?

Asked by: Sagey
  • Yes, this is an inappropriate assignment of blame

    I would probably not use the word dumb, but I do not believe this response to natural disasters is an appropriate Christian response. I can not speak for others but this is my belief. The city of New Orleans suffered terribly in the aftermath of a great hurricane. It is my belief that this had more to do with a people choosing to occupy a city that lies below sea level than it does with their moral or religious condition. It had more to do with poor planning than it did with the wrath of God. People tend to build cities adjacent to bodies of water as a means of survival; occasionally this practice leaves us vulnerable to the forces of nature. The same could be said for other natural disasters. These accusations represent a form of judgement; they are hurtful and should be voiced.

  • UK Politician, David Silvester recently and some US Politicians have claimed in the media that Natural Disasters are the direct result of Poor Morality.

    Philosophically, Intellectually and Scientifically, such beliefs are Horrendously Idiotic.
    These world-views are the obvious and direct result of extremely biased Religious Indoctrination and are a perfect example of what Religious Indoctrination can do to the minds of humans.
    Indoctrination causes Contamination of the individual's MindWare and in children it can lead to Extremely Insane Beliefs, such as produced by David Silvester.
    This is Demonstrable Evidence of why Religious Indoctrination of Children Should Cease.
    Such Indoctrination only Produces Extreme Loons who then publicly proclaim complete nonsense like David Silvester, Pat Robertson and others:

    The only way to reduce the number and influence of such wacko lunatics is to cease the Religious Indoctrination of Children completely and Internationally.

  • News Flash... They Aren't the Only LOONIES in POWER!!!

    Just imagine, if you can, a country where the individuals in power, high office, The Media, are most often people that in terms of psychological disorders, Patients without a bed. And unfortunately, you won't have to imagine too hard. This is the norm in our society. When you look at the people that run our different offices, and really analyze the behaviors and choices that are made by them. It isn't too long before a rational adult starts to see the "Cracks in the Wall". I dare any of you, and those with a Mental Health or Psychology background, please chime in. To research the actions, comments, etc. that these Heads of Faith and for that matter Heads of many esteemed systems, and then compare them to the 100 plus years of real research done by doctors, and the like on mental disorders and it won't be long before you realize...... The Patients are running the Asylum.

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Sagey says2014-01-20T01:09:43.500
Theologically, the destruction of countries and massacre of Innocent people by God created natural disasters because of some perceived immoral policy or activity, it is not a valid Christian stance, as it was not any of the teachings of Jesus, the destruction of cities and floods is Old Testament nonsense, not a Christian stance.
The Christian stance is forgiveness and any judgement will be made at the return of Christ.
So the stance of loons like David Silvester and Pat Robertson have little to do with Christianity, but more to do with Judaic traditions of Malevolence by their Narcissistic, Megalomaniac O.T. God.
The O.T. God was a Confirmed, Psychotic, Narcissistic, Megalomaniac. Yes the O.T. God is way too stupid to be real and worshiped.
Sagey says2014-01-20T01:32:17.973
The only people who think such concepts and can believe in the public statements by the Extremely Stupid David Silvester and Pat Robertson are those who have been deeply indoctrinated into Religion.
No others can possibly believe in such rot.
As I have stated before and many times since my studies into religious history.
It is Indoctrination into Superstitious Beliefs, like Religion that can completely destroy a human's rational brain functions.
The famous Apologists like Anselm and Aquinas were perfect examples of supposedly intelligent people, producing nothing but unintelligent, Irrational drivel, such as Anselm's Ontological Argument and Aquinas's use of this in his also completely Irrational proof of God. Neither concept is truly Rational, though Theologians hold such Irrational nonsense in high esteem as works of brilliance, when in fact they are the works of delusional nutcases.
History is full of evidence of Religious Indoctrination producing stupidity and Irrational lunatics, because this is really the primary aim of Indoctrination, to divorce the indoctrinated's mind from rational thought, so they will maintain belief in stupid theological concepts.

It's the aim of Indoctrination to produce Ignorant, mindless sycophants for their God, so the church can profit.
This is indeed what David Silvester and Pat Robertson have become.
As far as Rational thinking goes, those preaching and believing in such nonsense as a God or even Demon creating disasters to punish immoral government policies or behavior, are only a few degrees away from Brain-Dead.
It's just Old Testament based mindless drivel.
Sagey says2014-03-27T05:35:06.797
There is a song about Pat Robertson I like, Frank Zappa's "Jesus Thinks You Are A Jerk"