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  • Not for me.

    Of my family, two of them were in the Navy, two where truck drives, I worked on a loading dock, two worked construction jobs and the others worked in factories. You would think that with a family like that, foul language would be common but that was not the case. I remember being confused the first time someone used the phrase "Curses like a sailor." as my dad who was in the Navy never swore, at least not in front of us.
    I do admit that I have sworn, as most if not all people have. Funny thing is, because most never hear me curse, they know that if I am that upset about something, it is something that needs attention.
    Funny story. While I worked on the shipping dock, this one guy a little older than me also rarely swore. Then some new guys got hired and cursed a bit so to fit in, he started cursing more and more. One day on break, we where talking about natural disasters and to this day I can remember his comment word for word "F***, if I was one of those f***ing people on Mt. F****ing St.Helen's, f***, I don't f***ing know what I'd f***ing do, f***ing eh." This was back in the early 90's and the sentence sounded so idiotic I still remember it to this day.
    On a less than funny note, one of my older brothers was dating this woman who had a kid who was about 8 yrs old. For one reason or another, the kid got upset and started calling him mom every name in the book. I am not sure what ticked me off more, the fact that this kid was using such foul language or the that his mothers reaction was no different than if he had called her mommy. I remember thinking to myself "Why is this kid not flying across the room?"
    One of the dumbest things people have done is calling it "adult language". Kids, especially teens, tend to want to seam more mature, or to be looked at as being more adult. To them, they think that if they use "adult language", they will look more mature. I have even seen on a cop show, when an officer told this guy to watch his language, he responded that he was over 18 and could use that language now. Like being an adult made it acceptable behavior.
    Granted, where I grew up, you rarely ever heard a person curse so not cursing is normal for me. Still, I find it sad that it has gotten so bad that some people have resorted to having an official Cuss Free Week. To me, it sound like it would actually be counterproductive. Knowing it's Cuss Free Week just puts the idea of cursing into your thoughts even more.

  • Applaud people that does not use bad language

    Personally, I occasionally say bad words. Everyone have slipped up in their lifetime of saying or thinking bad language, even bad thoughts, it's just part of human nature. It's basically a choice. For those practicing not saying bad words is very admirable. People should actually live by those rules- not just because you're working and getting paid you should behave nicely, and once your off your job you become a**hole. So no, it's not weird at all but admirable.

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