Are today's ecoterrorists actually unsung heroes trying to save the planet from destruction?

  • Yes, it takes extreme measures.

    Waking people up from the dream world they like to live in always takes extreme measures. The ecoterrorists of today could probably be called criminal by some elements of society, but in reality they are often the brave ones who are willing to see what's wrong and to stand up for what needs to be done.

  • Far too much fear

    There's way too much fear about the environment; or, rather to say, there is far too much fear about certain parts of the environment, far too little care about other parts of the environment, things that are thought to help don't actually help, and simple steps that could help are feared.

  • Eco-terrorists are still terrorists

    All revolutionaries were terrorists right up until they won. Once they get to write the history books they become the freedom fighters or liberators. The old regime, regardless of how they came to power, or the policies they exercised, were then marked as oppressors of the people. It is the same with ecoterrorists, except the only way they will really win is if all human life is wiped from the planet. There is no reverting back to sparse agriculture based civilizations without a complete reset of the human race. It will take a zombie apocalypse before humans realize that.

  • Better Ways to Save the Planet

    Instead of blowing up stuff or chaining yourself to a tree, why not do something more important to save the planet. How about starting a unique eco-friendly company that sells and markets sustainable products? Ecoterrorists are not unsung heroes--they are nut jobs trying to make a political statement just like Muslim suicide bombers.

  • Ecoterrorists are still just terrorists

    Today's ecoterrorists are not unsung heroes trying to save the planet from destruction. Ecoterrorists put bystanders and human targets at great risk of injury and death. Blowing up a factory that produces nuclear waste to prove a point might stop a factory from producing temporarily, but employees, employee families, and an industry that relies on them are all victims.

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