• "But I want it!"

    Take a look at any high school in America. I bet you 85% of the kids all have some sort of iPhone. Kids are losing sense of being human because they are enveloped in technology. Now, I am not saying all kids are spoiled, but some certainly are. I saw this kid at Walmart, about 6 or 7, and she had an iPhone. Then I see the mom whip out her own iPhone. That right there tells the story.

  • Spoiling should not be tolerated 😕

    Obesity is a big problem in today's life as children are getting spoiled, not just with toys and technology but with food too. Sometimes even when the child is not hungry it will ask for food just because it might see a nice looking chocolate bar over there. Also, instead of proper, healthy food, they get junk food. Parents may give out about their child's weight but they have only themselves to blame for spoiling their child with
    food ( junk food). Diabetes and obesity is become very frequent in
    children and this all down to children getting spoilt. It has to stop now
    or the children won't know the meaning of the word "No"! And there
    weight will be incredibly heavy👎 There is absolutely no need for
    spoiling children with anything. E.G food,toys and tetechnology. Let's
    stop this horrible behavior now!! 😨!!! ! Or only God knows what will happen.

  • Yes. And some people call us the "X-Generation" cause we are worthless

    In today's world, kids are like, more rude to elders, they don't respect them. And kids today have so much freedom and most of them are becoming liberated. The new generation is a pain in the ass of the society. Seriously, I think we are worthless and spoiled compared to other generations.

  • Anything you want.

    Interactions between parent and child have drastically decreased over the years. Instead of a walk in the park, they give them a Wii or a phone or a laptop! It's really disturbing to see the younger generations turn out so spoiled. One of the worst things I have witnessed is a parent rewarding a child for bad behavior. We have to understand that this is not the child's fault. It has something to do with the brain. The child picks up on how it's parents respond to something overtime and then starts doing it more often if the outcome is good. In their minds they think, "So if I do something bad, I'm going to be rewarded." I can only hope that they can detach themselves from this learning behavior one day. If not, we may be doooomed. ):

  • Absolutely Yes, yes!

    Kids nowadays given more than their need , Before they ask or try to ask; I cross my finger to the parents most of them want their kids carry the newest games , and if they aren't , the society around them force them As parents heart they do not want others be better that their kids so it would be kind of competition!

  • Yes, compare to the "old days"

    Obviously not all kids are spoiled. But, in general, kids nowadays are more spoiled than in the past. And it is totally the fault of the parents. These parents think their kids are just the "best". They can't do no wrong. They give in to their every needs and if something goes wrong it must be the fault of others. This is a huge problem because these kids cannot handle failure and don't understand the notion of "earning".

  • "Today's" kids are always spoiled.

    The present always has the shiniest toys and coolest gadgets, and the kids who grow up with them are given more to play with than the past generations. Every kid grows up more spoiled than those who watch the kid grow up. So yes, today's kids are spoiled, just like my baby cousin is spoiled with an iPad that I didn't have growing up, or myself, who grew up with a super nintendo that my mom didn't have growing up, or my mom... Etc etc.

  • Parents don't whip there kids for sexual or illegal behavior.

    So many girls in my generation have become sluts. They send nudes to strangers, And have many different sexual partners. Both genders have resorted to doing drugs because "it's cool". Parents no longer use the belt for punishment in fear of being called abusive. I hate what my generation has become.

  • Parenting Or Spoiling

    Now parents will give their kids toys or won't punish them which in my opinion letting your child do all this stuff is just a way to say I don't want to deal with you right now Plus, The school tries to stop bullying but they allow it so then their parents have to resolve the conflict
    childhood shouldn't be seen as the best time of your life it should be seen as dealing with challenges early on

  • Yes, Compared to the so called, Olden days.

    Obviously not all kids today are spoiled. The cause of children being spoiled is sometimes due to the parents thinking their kids can't do anything wrong. Because of this, Parents give into the child's needs and do whatever it pleases. Of course, Not every parent is like this because their children have a lot of respect for their parents. In other words, Children are needy for many things and their parents give that thing to them which results in them being spoiled. Being spoiled isn't a bad thing either. It's just not acceptable to be a spoiled brat.

  • Children are not spoiled

    Children are not spoiled nowadays. Do any of you people know the stress of being a school student today? The privileges of new technology and kinder parents do not balance it out. I have heard several of my classmates becoming depressed simply because they have a C or D or even a B. As for being rude to elders, are they any politer to us? My parents raised me to be able to argue and negotiate my limits. However, because they let me I follow all of their rules and respect them. None of my class mates are like the children you described. Sure, most of us have smartphones, our own rooms, and other tech but we aren't spoiled. Do you know what it is like being teased for being different? You may say to just let them be teased but that is not teaching them anything. You are not the one being teased or bullied. They are. As for having their own room, I'm an only child. Sometimes people just can't help it and a child should not have to share a room. People, especially teenagers need their own space.
    So i do not think children are spoiled nowadays.

  • Pizza is good for you

    I play fortnite while i play fortnite wicth is a very good game played by millions of people like me some children buy v bucks wicth is the currency in the game and they learn to save there v bucks for the battle pass orto wait for better skins and emotes

  • Nah mate its rong

    Im 6kb and I don't fink kikdws are spiled cause inm a kid and im not cause I know that ome kids have fones bujty thatdosnt mean ghat ofer kids rspiolt I am not an only child o I would know and ll of u r rong!!!!! Thanks rfor reeding

  • Kids are not spoilt

    Kids are not spoiled. In fact kids are getting less spoiled as the generations go on. When electronics weren't invented, kids played outside more and got quality time with their family. Now days kids just side inside all day playing on electronics and ignoring their parents. Who do you think is luckier. Also in a survey of a sample of year 6 students, only 12% had been over seas, and 23% hadn't even been out of the state! Having a material possession isn't being spoiled, it's just the mark of a parent to weak to stand up to their children and get them what they want so their child will be quite.

  • The parents just suck

    I am an 11 year old kid, And I really believe it’s the parents. One of my friends literally spends thousands on clothing (none from his own money) and he doesn’t think anything is wrong with it. The parents don’t have any sense of raising a good kid. Now, I think I’m kind of spoiled, But I have a pretty open mind and don’t treat everyone like they’re some kind of pain in the butt. I love my parents, Grandparents, And everyone in-between. Just some kids now days have bad parents who think their child is “the best” and that spending I guess is a way to show it?

  • In some cases yes, But 98% no

    Several of my classmates are spoiled, But is it really their fault= it is parental nature to nurture and care for a child, And due to commercialisation, This is often by buying them new/expensive things.
    I was spoiled a lot when I was younger- being an only child, But I have grown out of it and have got used to not getting my own way, And have learnt to put up with it. Is it really right to blame and make fun of a generation who are simply products of their time?

  • No. . . ITS THE PARENTS.

    I’d say it’s mainly the parents. If the parents are weak willed and give in to children’s wishes all the time, They are spoiling there child. The children aren’t spoiling themselves. Compared to how things used to be, Perhaps the kind of are, But children these days are run down by kids who brag about their ‘incredible’ new phones or computers.

  • Ey bru no kid been spoiled im not playin

    Aint nobody spoiled up in here u tryna finesse me with your nonsense bro. Kid up in this hood not spoiled u jealous that im ballin with my new air jordans and my iphone 10 bru. U tryna get robbed bru come up in here u a broke boi im not playin

  • Kids are not

    21% of all children in the USA live in poverty. Let repeat that. 21%. That's 15 million kids. They ain't spoiled are they? No they are not. Just because life today is better for kids than it was doesn't make kids spoiled. Also kids don't act like they rule everyone. They act like kids

  • Not all children are spoiled.

    I love how people say that " this kid is spoiled because he has a laptop". Maybe it is just my family, but a lot of us do chores/ jobs for family member for money. We then save up for whatever we may want. This teaches valuable skills of budgeting. If I want a new video game then i have to save up for it. Yes there are kids with iPhones but the parents decide that the child should have it.

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