Are today's mining disasters today due to techological faults (yes) or human negligence (no)?

  • There are still problems.

    Today's mining disasters are still due to technological faults, rather than human negligence, because no amount of human care can prevent problems from happening. Today, miners take a great degree of precaution because they appreciate how dangerous their endeavors are. But no matter what they do, there are always natural disasters.

  • Human error is almost always at the center of mining disasters

    Today's mining companies have let safety go by the wayside. While individual workers no doubt follow strict safety plans, we've seen too many examples of companies whose head offices don't care about anything more than making a buck. When a company has such an attitude, technological glitches that could be avoided are instead allowed to explode into disasters. When technical problems happen, it's always the fault of the humans behind the technology, one way or another.

  • The Old Man and the Sinkhole

    Human negligence when operating machinery has caused mining disasters; in that case, which was the real issue at fault: the negligent human or the machinery’s mistake at the hands of the human. The argument here asserts that it is the negligent human and rightly so. When operating machinery malfunctions, it usually because of a mistake made at the factory, lack of proper maintenance, or overuse which still boils down to human negligence. Even without machinery in the picture (as in higher tech equipment, not simple machines), the negligence of humans to respect the consistency and structure of the earth’s deeper surface is what has caused mining disasters since the disasters first began.

  • It Is Our Fault

    I believe most of today's mining disasters are due to human negligence, not technological faults. Humans use technology to make life easier but we shouldn't blame technology when our own actions are to blame. We have mined for many years and we should understand the dangers and guard against them.

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