Are today's movies changing to reflect the deteriorating morals of our culture?

Asked by: AQC
  • Umm... Have you SEEN Fifty Shades Of Gray?

    Yes, definitely. Our morals are in the toilet and movies are changing to reflect that. Currently, the movies with the most drugs and violence are the highest grossing. (Except for Star Wars, but nothing could ever measure up to that.) Movies were created for entertainment, so of course they're changing. The directors want them to be 'entertaining'

    Posted by: AQC
  • They are not deteriorating.

    Tho methods and the way we see them has changed, morals have been about the same. Sure, today you can see someone being shot on TV for entertainment but back in the Roman days, you could watch Gladiators fight to the death. Not much has changed when it comes to people.

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